Cofactors are:
Non-amino acid components of proteins
Organic cofactors, such as NAD+ in lactate dehydrogenase, are exmaples of _________?
What are covalently attached cofactors (i.e. heme in myoglobin)?
Prosthetic groups
What are the eight types of proteins?
1. Structural
2. Contractile
3. Transport
4. Storage
5. Hormonal
6. Catalysis
7. Protection
8. Regulation
Give some examples of structural protein
Tendons, cartilage, hair, nails
(Collagen, Keratin)
Give an examaple of Contractile protein
(Myosin, Actin)
Give an exmaple of a Transport protein
Give an example of a storage protein
Muscle, Liver
(myoglobin) (ferritin)
Give an example of a Hormonal protein
Insulin (Pancreas)
Give an example of a catalyzing protein
Give me an example of a Protection protein
Blood (Fibrinogen)
Give an example of a regulation protein
Nucleus (genetic expression)
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