ProStart 2- Chapter 7 (Marketing)

For business purpose a collection of people with similar, specific needs and wants is called a ______________________.
The process of communicating a business’s messages to its market is called ____________________________.
All the food and services offered by an operation to a customer is an example of ____________________ mix.
The use of location, decor, and theme to make the operation more pleasing to customers is an example of ____________ mix.
The way in which an operation tells its customer about its products and services is called _____________ mix.
Marketing plan
The list of action steps necessary for an operation to sell a product or service is called a ______________________.
Which part of a SWOT analysis identifies the factors outside the operation that could decrease revenues or increase costs?
Which market research method tries out a product for a limited time or with a limited group of people?
Which market research method involves watching how customers react in a natural setting toward a product?
Which market research method gathers information through telephone, e-mail, or tableside?
focus group
A small group of people expressing their opinions about a new product or service is called a ______________________.
market segmentation
Breaking down a large market into smaller groups of similar individuals is called _________________________.
Which type of marketing treats everyone as having the same needs and wants?
Which type of marketing treats people as different from each other and tries to make a focused appeal to a distinct group of customers?
Which type segmentation breaks down a large market into smaller groups of similar individuals?
Which market segmentation looks at the personal makeup of individuals- such as age, income, marital status, or education- in a given area?
Which market segmentation looks at factors such as where customers live and work?
Product usage
Which type of market segmentation analyzes the heavy users of a product or service?
Which market segmentation looks at the activities, hobbies, interests, and opinions of the target market?
Creating a specific identity for a product or service in the marketplace is called ___________________________________.
Paying to present or promote an operation’s products, services, or identity is called _________________________.
sales promotions
Limited, or short-term, incentives to entice customers to patronize an operation are known as ______________________.
public relations
The process by which an operation interacts with the community at large is called _____________________________.
research the market
The first step in any marketing plan is to ____________________.
direct mail
The mass mailing of coupons, menus, and advertising about a promotion to customers in a particular area is called _________________.
community relations
Interacting with the people in the local area to create awareness of and trust for an operation is called __________________________.
press kit
A packet of information given to media representatives to answer questions the might have about a business or organization is called a ___________________.
A la carte
Which type of menu prices each item separately?
Du jour
Which type of menu lists the menu items that are available on a particular day?
Chefs or managers change the menu item after a certain period of time on which type of menu?
sales mix
A(n) ______________ analysis is an analysis of the profitability and the profitability of a group of menu items.
The menu that offers few selections and is used often by quick-service restaurants and cafes is called ____________.
Which type of menu lists all meals available at any time of day and is often used by dinners that are open 24 hours?
prix fixe
The menu that offers a choice of appetizer, full entree with sides, and a dessert for one price is called _______________.
table d’hote
The menu similar to a prix fixe menu that bundles various elements into one package is called ____________________.
contribution margin
Selling price minus the standard food cost equals _______________________.
Straight markup
Which pricing method has managers mark up the costs according to a formula to obtain the selling prices?
menu mix percentage
Dividing the menu mix by the total number of items sold in a specific time period determines___________________________.
Which menu item classification has a high menu mix percentage and a low contribution margin?
Which menu item classification has a low menu mix percentage and a low contribution margin?

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