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For many years, people have invented new technology equipment which became part of our lives. With existence of technology, people tend to depend on modern machines like smartened, laptop, television and others. Moreover, the sharp development of technology has extremely expressed the humans intelligence and creativity. Thanks to technology, everything becomes easier, more convenient and enjoyable for us. However, the matter is whether or not we use these technology efficiently.

This essay will tell you more about advantages and disadvantages of genealogy Once upon a time, people did everything by their own hands. They washed clothes beside the rivers, cooked meals by firing wood, walked on foot from one place to others. At that time, the communication was so limited and inconvenient. People who were far from each other were difficult to connect. Nonetheless, technology appeared and obviously changed the whole world so far. Technology apparently has become part of our lives since it brought large benefits to us in communication, entertainment, business, education…. T appeared to make people’ matters easier, to save time, to bring people closer and closer. In the past, a woman was always busy with the housework, taking care of children, cooking for meal manually. Contrarily, nowadays everything becomes faster and easier with the support of washing-machine, microwave, television and many technical equipment. Instead of spending more than hour only in order to wash clothes by hands, they save time and energy by putting it into machine and doing other stuff. With microwaves, you Just spend few minutes even few seconds for a meal.

Thus, with much developed technology, you can save times and feel like you have more than 24 ours a day. With smart phone and internet, we are able to talk and see our friends and relatives who living far from us and feel like they are beside us. Moreover, the development of digital technology helps people not only expand relationships over the world but also learn more new things. With a laptop connected to the internet, we can easily find information from many sources and relax with many online games or music.

It is also so amazing that we can find our old friends through social networks such as Backbone, Twitter and share information to any part of the world only milliseconds. The communication becomes cheaper and more convenient thanks to people’ great inventions. Especially, we must consider how effective technology can help work. Amount of modern applications and devices help people easily manage their work and their time such as take-note schedule, remind tasks and important events. In the past, we took at least two or three days to send a letter to another place. Now we can send an email Just by click “send”, it takes only few seconds.

Moreover, some people also might choose to work at home and Just connect with there by network. Even though technology brought us many advantages, have people utilized it as efficient way? It will be negative effort if we abuse of it too much. Unfortunately, almost every one of us are depending on modern equipment and not realizing the unpredictable consequences. While people are able to talk with their friends who are far from us, they may have difficulty in communicating with others around them. They are more comfortable with hiding behind the screens rather than talking face to face.

It is actually sad to say that we are becoming less social interaction and insensitive to each other. Young people tend to be alone and passive with smartened, laptop and uncommunicative to people around them. With state- of-the-art devices, we work more efficiently than before. However, there are also some drawbacks. Abusing of technology might make us become a machine: work, work and work. Some firm owners try to extend more time work and employees probably become workaholic because of the benefit and convenient devices. Businessmen tend to bring work to home and no more time watching TV with their children and family.

Obviously, their wives and children extremely don’t like that. Moreover, life of people are under the heavy threat by internet crimes. Exploiting the development of social networks or computer tricks, they steal information, documents from other device. More dangerous, they also rape the young girls who have the habit check in on Backbone, Mainstream or kidnap children for a ransom. Therefore, the more developed of technology also internet, the more dangerous people have to face with. Every part of our daily life is almost related to technology and its development continuously satisfy our demands.

Unfortunately, our dependence on technology currently is too much, it is considerably alarming. The impact of technology on our lives can be devastating if we don’t keep ourselves in check Technology is like a coin which has both positive and negative sides. We should decide and choose how to use it. The advantages of technology are very helpful for people if we use it right, it will be effective to our lives and society. Nobody can deny positively development of technology, but it must be the positive developed and shouldn’t have any negative affected in present or future. Comments:

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