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Advertisements play a major role in the success of one company as they help in creating public awareness. Television advertisements will be aired during primetime and also in news channel and during airing of news as well for some local television networks. Most of the middle and upper class population watches television during night, after office hours that is and more often than not are interested in news that is why it will be strategic to placed HSBC television ads within that time frame and within that kind of channel.This population could also be aided in deciding about financial investments that they would want to have after watching news about the current situation of the business industry and the world as well.

Billboard advertisements will be more useful in places within the highway or main road where in traffic is evident so that motorists will have the time to reflect on the ads. Billboard advertisement will also be placed within commercial areas where most of the target population spends their free time at.When a person is stuck in the traffic, they would have the time to perceive the message being advertise in billboards about the good points of HSBC. Mostly of the working group gets stuck in traffic within the day that is why billboard advertisement is also one effective way of delivering information and creating a positive mindset regarding the financial services that HSBC provides.

Since the target population is the working group, it would be helpful to provide pamphlets or brochures in companies wherein their basic income is within the range of those that could be considered part of the middle and upper class.The pamphlets or brochures will contain all necessary information about the services provided by HSBC and its benefits, some of its achievements, contact number and location of the branches near them. It would also be helpful if a representative from the bank will conduct a seminar regarding business ventures and how to properly manage their money or incomes as one way of promoting the services of the bank. Online advertisement is the current trend in advertising any product or services. This would be appropriate for the bank because most of its target market is those that are glued in the net or are knowledgeable in operating one.

I. Appropriate media In choosing the appropriate media, diversity of culture should be considered. Different mode of communication appeal to different person that is why advertisements and media that are to be chosen should be flexible and are adept to the wants or likes of the target population. The working class has a fast phase of life and that media that appeals to them should be explored as well as on how the best method of presentation that will appeal to their senses and thus making them believe in the information being presented to them.

Since the target is the middle and upper class population, appropriate media that will be use are billboards, online and mobile advertisement, and pamphlets about HSBC’s profile will be given to specific companies, minor advertisements in the radio and television and print media as well. Billboards are to be used for repeat exposure especially for motorists. Since most of those that work require traveling from their house to their work place, the billboards would be exceptional on promoting the service provided by HSBC.Radio, television and print media will be used to create awareness to the general public about the advantages and strength of service provided by HSBC.

These advertisements will also try to intensify the company’s credibility. HSBC will be portrayed in a positive way in a way that ethical values and humanitarian projects of HSBC will also be highlighted as well. The target population is the working force thus they don’t spent much time in front of the television or listening to radio.More often than not, they are glued to their computers and other gadgets.

Online and mobile advertisement could aid in promoting HSBC. Online advertisement is also one great way of promoting products beyond the cultural and state boundaries. Since anyone around the world can access the internet, everyone could know your product, thus catering to a larger population unlike advertisements in radios and television which only caters to a narrow and more specific target population.Since television and radio broadcasting is just limited to a specific frequency, they are limited to the country or society that they are being broadcasted into. Though they are more entertaining than online advertisements, return of investments is a bigger factor that those that advertise cater to.

As the internet extends progressively to mobile phones and hand-held devices (PDA’s – Personal Digital Assistants), the opportunity and necessity to make use of internet marketing methods ceases even to be a matter for debate. It’s no longer ‘whether to or not’, it’s “how to”. (Chapman 1995)

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