Promoting Diversity in Workplace

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Promoting Diversity in Workplace BY can3821448 Promoting Diversity in the Workplace One of the largest responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager is promoting diversity in the workplace. Many changes have taken place in the promoting of diversity in the workplace over the last 10 years. Diversity management has grown from a compliance-based program that only examined racial and gender diversity, which was primarily housed in HR departments, to what most organizations think of as the most vital aspect of their ability be competitive in the hiring of great prospects. Diversity management has become so large that it inspired the creation of

Diversitylnc magazine. This magazine hosts an array of surveys each year to hundreds of companies to determine who is the Diversitylnc Top 50. Some of the companies names on the list were Sodexo, Johnson and Johnson, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, Ernst &Young, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Marriot International, IBM corporation, Bank of America, Abbott, Verizon, American Express, Merck&Co, Colgate, KPMG, Cummins, HSBC-North America, Monsato, General Mills, and Many others. (Diversitylnc 2010) Each of these companies have their own strategies for ensuring diversity and staying on the Top 50 list.

Some of the unique diversity tactics of these ompanies are, being the leaders on

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lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in the workplace, having a very specific strategic program that focuses on the company’s core values, and developing programs and initiatives that support diversity within the community. (SolomeseJ. , Holding,K. , Mackay,D. 2010) The Coca- Cola Co prides itself on the leadership on lesbian, gay bisexual and trangender equality in the workplace. This company has received top ratings of 100 for 5 consecutive years from the human rights campaign for their performance with workplace policies for gay, lesbian,

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