Project Proposal Site Suitability Analysis

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Suitability analysis

In the context of project proposal site suitability analysis of a Solar Energy Plant it can be stated that the best possible site selection would be around Wilmington, Delaware. The state of Delaware is located in the Mid-Atlantic region and has several beaches along the Atlantic coast. The state of Maryland borders its west and south and Pennsylvania is north of the state. The state of New Jersey has its border on the northeast (Schenck, 2011).


The fundamental objectives in context are the availability of land, the availability of market and the availability of infrastructure that would suit the budget of the project.

Decision goal

In order to select a site for solar power plant it is necessary to formulate a structure that would determine the basic problems of such venture. Here market is of chief concern. The affordability of the target population needs to be analyzed. Then there is the problem of transportation network. The issue of subsidiary market components is another chief issue. Alongside, the plant needs to be elected in the vicinity of a substantial market. Furthermore, the issue of land price is of major concern while selecting a sie. Thus, the goals are:

The land has to be big enough (4 or more acres) to cover a facility, parking lot, etc

The demographics around the location needs to maintain an annual average income of 25K

Needs to be in a central point between four different neighborhoods

Distance from nearest highway should not exceed 5 miles

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