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Project Proposal for a Student Record Database Management System for Microtech Institute of Multimedia & Technology (MIMUT) TitleStudent Record Database Management System Centre Name:West African Chartered College Student Name:Malamin Gassama IMIS Membership Number:344029 Supervisor Name:Mr. Mike Topic Area: Records Management Project Title:Student Record Database Management System to keep track of student’s enrolment process, course, class dates and tuition fees.

Introduction:This project is undertaken as a result of the Management team of Microtech Institute of Multimedia & Technology though it is necessary to develop a system that can keep track of their students enrolment processes, class start dates, courses chosen and tuition fee payment. With the above aim they should be able to have access to the information mention in real time. This will help the management to take decisions and also will make the record and finance staff work more organized.

The institution is experiencing a lot of student turn out to their various courses. Some do apply for multiple courses at the same time. Some times files are being missing, which makes it very difficult to access a particular student’s record in regarding to personal information, class start dates and tuition fee payment. Justifications: For the company: Microtech Institute of Multimedia and Technology wishes to have a student record management system to keep record of the student’s enrolment process, course, class dates and tuition fees

Microtech Institute of Multimedia and Technology is please about the system (Database application) is to develop or implement and this will give me the opportunity to choose Microsoft Access 2007 as the database back end. For the student: It will provide me with the opportunity for the first-time to design and develop a rich database management system for use by the Institute in real-time. Designing and implementation of the database system will be challenging and will also provide me with what it’s like in a real production environment to design and develop such type of system for business use or purpose.

Objectives: A minimum of four Objective: Activities: 1. Analyse the works and duties of the Institute admission process. Deliverables: Works with the members of staff in the admission department for few days to observers the way they carry out student enrolment as well as the finance department in tuition collection Summary of report explaining the function of the admission department. Who will use them and why: The reports will help me through the development phase of the database model and schema. Objective: Activities: Deliverables: Who will use them and why . Improve the work of the Institute admission Department. Creating of forms and queries and database model. User friendly Graphic User Interface with input, which the help the user to easily interact with the database. And input the correct data types in their respective fields. This will reduce the tendency of inputting the wrong figures. It will help the admission department to easily find and track student’s who did not complete their tuition fee, and whether if they are doing the right courses they apply for. Objective: Activities: Deliverable:

Who will use them and why 3. System testing. Allowing the Institute’s admission Department staff and other members of staff as well to test the database application using dummy and live data. The data will include normal, valid and invalid data, and quantity. Come up with a ready and normal database management system ready for use. To ensure that the proposed database management application meets the user’s requirement and delivers their needs. Objective: Activities: Deliverable: Who will use them and why4. User and Technical documentation.

Produce a well explain user and technical documentation. Working copies of the user and technical documentations. Complete signing off of the proposed project. Resources Needed for Carrying out the Project: Microsoft corporation to help me with the documentation of Microsoft Access database application license, features and technical requirement. Hardware:A personal computer (PC) or a Laptop at least Pentium 3 processor, RAM size of at least 128 MB, Hard drive size of at least 40GB, Internal or external Network Interface Card of 10/100 mbps.

Software:Windows Operating System (Window XP or later), Microsoft Office Access application (ms access 2007 or later), Antivirus software, Microsoft Office picture manager, Literature sources:Microsoft TechNet website, IMIS website, wikipedia and IT journals and library resources. Risks: Type: Gathering of required information from end users, to know what they want the application to do and functions. I. e. application requirements. Action to be taken if arise:Failure in gathering sufficient information for the start of the proposed project. Type:

Emerging of new technologies. Action to be taken if arise:With new technologies comes up that I need to learn for the successful completion of the proposed project then I might need to have extra lectures after college hours, do research on the internet, self study and professional help if possible. Type:Political risk e. g. changes of top management of the institution. Action to be taken if arise:The new management will be updated about the project, so that they can know exactly the overall development process and benefits to the institution. Investigation Plan:

Steps to be taken:•Gathering of required materials like articles, books and published papers in student record management. •Search on the internet for readymade student record management system application packages on the market (Trials Versions) and review their features. This can help me through be project development phase. •Also journals and magazines on the use of software for student record management and how this can boost business productivity if it is automated. Books/Articles read: • CADLE, J & YATES, D (2001), ‘Project Management For Information System’, Third Edition.

Pearson Education. • LAUDON, KC & LAUDON, JP (2004), ‘Management Information Systems-managing the digital firm’, Eighth Edition. Pearson Education. • WARD, J & PEPPARD, J (2002), ‘Strategic Planning For Information Systems’, Third Edition. John Wiley & Sons. • THOMAS CONNOLLY, CARLYN ‘Database systems’-A practical approach to Design, Implementation, and Management. Forth Edition. Addision Wasley. Internet sites include: • http://www. google. com • http://www. wikipedia. com Project Development Plan: Giant chart with milestones CHART FOR STUDENT RECORD MANAGEMENT DATABASE APPLICATION FOR MIMUT:

WBS WBS DESCRIPTION START END DURATION 1 Project Management 10/08/2011 12/12/2011 22 Weeks 2 Investigations 10/08/2011 24/08/2011 2 Weeks 3Systems Requirements 17/08/2011 21/09/2011 5 Weeks 4 Design 21/09/2011 06/12/2011 11Weeks 5Implementation And Evaluation 06/10/2011 27/12/2011 3 Weeks 6 Testing 19/10/2011 27/12/2011 10 Weeks 7 Documentation 25/08/2010 12/01/2012 20 Weeks Supervisor’s Comments:Supervisors must make comments about what was discussed with the student. How would the project be tackled/completed? What problems may they anticipate? What additional training is required?

Also what are the student’s weak areas, and what they have to do to overcome them? Finally is the project fit for purpose? The following are not acceptable: 1) a good project, 2) I am of the impression that it is suitable, 3) good, etc. Reasons for comments: Areas of concern: Additional support required: General guidance/comments: Letter of Agreement A letter of agreement from the employer must be attached for all projects containing work-based material. Signature of Student: Signature of Supervisor: Date of Agreement: NB Electronic signatures will be accepted.

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