Project Post Mortem

Project Postmortem Review
CMGT 410/Project Planning and Implementation

Performing a post-mortem review is an essential part of any project that should be conducted, as soon as possible, to ensure that the experiences the trainees had are fresh. This type of review is conducted after a project has been completed, and an evaluation is ready to be completed. This type of analysis shows the pro and cons of the project, establish the accomplishments made during the project, and the objectives are evaluated to assess if the project was a success or a failure. The two-day training session was designed to improve the technological proficiency of the employees, which was part of a newly integrated, distributed system. This system was spanned across many distribution levels and branches of the company.
During the post-mortem review, the project manager and the team members are the primary people involved in the process. Also involved in the post-mortem are higher level managers, the Financial Controller, Chief Executive Officer, as well as, the Human Resource Manager. All persons involved in the project, related to the scope of the project and are part of the analysis of the project review, are part of the project review process. These individuals will conduct a round table to discuss and evaluate any failures or successes that happened during training sessions. This will give insight into if the training was successful, or there needs to be improved for the next training session. The review will be conducted by assessing the performance of the team, as the project progressed.
The recording of all successes and failures within the project will aid in making future training projects as a success. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses within the group, including the project manager, is essential to understanding how to grow and make improvements within the…