Project MKUltra: Mind Control Experiment

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A number of goals the project had In mind when It was till active was: the development of the “Manchuria Candidate” through mind control and brainwashing; a Manchuria candidate was supposed to be “super soldier” subconscious mindset that would be activated with a word phrase when spoken to a hypnotized soldier so that they could do things no regular soldier could do normally, such as ignore pain completely.

Another was the development of a “truth serum” so that interrogations would be a lot easier to deal with when necessary, the development of materials that can cause amnesia was also a goal of heirs, paralysis in certain parts of the body was also one of the project goals, but the primary theme was to find new and improved methods of torture. To attain results, the CIA used “Fronts” to disguise their experiment from the public and their test subjects, so that for the most part no test subject ever even knew they were part of the experiment.

To insure that the results were plentiful and different from each other they used a lot of locations, including hospitals, over 50 colleagues and universities, and drug distribution facilities. After ambitions ran dry for

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the project, a Scottish psychiatrist named Donald Owen Cameron was recruited to help head the project, which he then brought partly to Canada.

Aside from these few known methods of attaining results from their research, it’s impossible to fully ascertain the experiments full methodology as once the experiment was cancelled, nearly all research notes were subsequently destroyed as was the final act of avoiding prosecution due to the fact that the experiments taking place were highly unethical and Illegal. Many critics theorize that the overall goal was to simply develop new ethos of torture and are using the more unbelievable ideal of developing super soldiers as a public scapegoat for the media.

The project was completely unethical, there was absolutely no regard for the test subject, torture was Involved, there was no consent of any kind, and test subjects were forcefully administered Illegal drugs such as LSI, many where brutalized, some could have been possibly killed as there was no outside regulation by a third party. Harm to the test subjects (Physical, psychological) no Informed consent, and Involuntary participation.

In no possible way could this project have been made anymore ethical than It already was as the alleged and creating a deadly more obedient one, and creating better methods of torture as well as devices and methods to perform brainwashing, amnesia, and paralysis. And also brain damage both temporary and permanent. Project Mukluks: Mind Control Experiment By Granddaughters when it comes to “Mukluks” is that the project is so broad in scope that there is no one specific goal to speak of. A number of goals the project had in mind when it was and illegal.

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