Project Management Orientation IBM

What are the Seven Keys to Success?
Stakeholders are Committed
Business benefits are realized
Work and schedule are predictable
Scope is realistic and managed
Team is High-Performing
Risks are being mitigated
Delivery organization benefits are realized
What are the triple constraints?
Scope, Cost, and Schedule
What is PDM?
The precedence diagramming method (PDM) is a means of constructing a project network diagram using nodes to represent activities and connecting them with arrows to show the dependencies. This method is also referred to as an activity-on-node (AON).
What are the three Project Phases?
Planning, Delivering & Controlling, Closing
What is WWPMM?
Worldwide Project Management Method (WWPMM) defines the way projects are managed in IBM.
What are DCPs? What is IPD?
IBM’s Integrated Product Development (IPD) is part of the Decision Checkpoints (DCPs) process.
What is PMKN?
PMKN = Project Management Knowledge Network
The PMKN is an IBM community dedicated to leveraging the body of knowledge to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness in project execution. Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) is part of the total knowledge management process.
What are WBS, PBS, OBS, RBS?
WBS = Work Breakdown Structure
PBS = Product Breakdown Structure
OBS = Organizational Breakdown Structure
RBS = Resource Breakdown Structure
What are the three types of organizational structures?
There are three types of organizational structures: functional, projectized, and matrix.
What is the baseline?
The baseline is the original range, total cost and schedule of a project. It is used to measure the amount of deviation of performance from the original plan. Before the execution of the project, the baseline must be properly defined and documented.
What does it mean to decompose a project?
Decomposition is the subdividing of the major project deliverables into smaller, more manageable components. You identify the top-level elements of the project and then divide the elements into manageable pieces for scheduling and tracking.

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