Project Management Framework

What is the definition of a project?
Create a unique product, service, or result
What is operational work?
Ongoing work to support the business and systems of the organization
What is the definition of a program?
A group of interrelated projects, managed in a coordinated way
What is a portfolio?
A group of programs, individual projects, and related operational work to achieve a specific strategic business goal
What is organizational project management (OPM)
A framework for keeping the organization focused on its overall strategy
What are the benefits of an (OPM)
Provides direction for how portfolios, programs, projects, and other organizational work should be prioritized, managed, executed, and measured to best achieve the firm’s strategic goals
What is OPM3?
A PMI model designed to help organizations determine their level of maturity in project management
What is a project management office (PMO)?
A department that centralizes and standardizes the management of projects
What are three possible formats for a PMO?
What are project constraints
TIme, Cost, Risk, Scope, Quality, Resources, Customer Satisfaction
Constraints are used to help evaluate competing demands
Who are project stakeholders?
Anyone whose interests may be positively or negatively impacted by the project, including: Project Manager, customer, sponsor, performing organization, other departments or groups within the organization, team members, team members’ functional or operational manager, sellers, funding sources, end users, PMO
What are three primary forms of organizational structure?
What is a functional organization
The organization is grouped by areas of specialization (e.g., accounting, marketing)
What is a projectized organization?
The organization is grouped by project
The team has no department to go to at project end
The project manager has total control of the resources
What is a matrix organization?
A blend of functional and projectized organization where the team members have two bosses (the project manager and functional manager)
What is a strong matrix organization
A matrix organization where the balance of power rests with the project manager instead of the functional manager
What is a weak matrix organization
A matrix organization where the balance of power rests with the functional manager instead of the project manager
What role might the project manager play in a weak matrix
A project expediter or project coordinator
What is a balanced matrix organization
A matrix organization where power is equally balanced between the project manager and the functional manager
What is a project-based organization?
A temporary framework for projects created to circumvent any obstacles inherent in the organization’s existing structure (whether functional, projectized, or matrix)
What are enterprise environmental factors and when are they used
The organization’s culture and existing systems that the project will have to deal with or can make use of. They are used throughout the project management process
What are organizational process assets and when are they used?
Company processes and procedures
Historical information
Lessons learned
They are used throughtout the project management process
What is historical information
Records of past projects, including lessons leaned, used to plan and manage future projects
Records of the current project that will become part of opas
What is a project management information system?
The automated system to submit and track changes and monitor and control project activigties
What do lessons learned describe?
What went right what went wrong, and what would be done differently if the project could be redone
How are lessons learned used?
Used in planning the project
Used by other projects in the future
What is work performance data?
Measurements and details about activities gathered during project work (executing)
What is work performance information
Work performance data analyzed to make sure it conforms to the project management plan and to assess what it means for the project as a whole
what are work performance reports?
Work performance information organized into reports that are distributed to the stakeholders
What is a product life cycle?
The cycle of a product’s life from conception to withdrawal from the market place
What is a project life cycle?
What you need to do to COMPLETE the work (produce the deliverables of the project)
It varies by type of product, industry, and the organization’s preferences
Describe a plan-driven project
Has a predictive life cycle in which scope, schedule, and cost are determined in detail early int he life of the project, before the work begins to produce the project deliverables
Describe a change-driven project
Uses, incremental, or adaptive (agile) life cycles
Has varying levels of early planning for scope, schedule, and cost
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