Project Management Concepts (Ch. 1)

all the work that must be done in order to produce all the project deliverables, satisfy customers, and accomplish project objective
expectations of measurable levels for project outcomes – should be checked on through out project scope, not just once at end of project
timetable the specifies when each activity should start and finish
amount customer or sponsor has agreed to pay for acceptable project deliverables – based on estimated costs
what is needed to perform the project or activities, produce the project deliverables, and accomplish the project objectives – can be people, materials, equipment, facilities, etc.
individuals or entities involved in, or who may influence, or may be affected by the project
Project Life Cycle
has four phases: initiating, planning, performing, and closing the project
Initiating Phase
projects are identified and selected
Project Charter
document authorizing project identified in initiating phase
Planning Phase
defining project scope, identifying resources, developing a schedule and budget, and identifying risks – all of which make up BASELINE PLAN
Performing Phase
project plan is executed, and activities are carried out to produce the PROJECT DELIEVERABLES and to accomplish project objective
Closing Phase
project evaluations are conducted, lessons learned of identified and documented, PROJECT DOCUMENTS are organized and archived
Request for Proposal (RFP)
document prepared by company once project need is identified to be release for contractors to submit plans to complete project
Change Control System
process and procedures put in place that define how changes will be documented, approved, and communicated
Project Management
is planning, organizing, coordinating, leading, and controlling resources to accomplish the project objective
Project Management involves two major functions:
establishing a plan and executing the plan to accomplish the objective
The planning process determines:
WHAT needs to be done (scope, deliverables), HOW it will get done (activities, sequence), WHO will do it (resources, responsibility), HOW LONG it will take (duration, schedule), and HOW MUCH it will cost (budget)
Work Packages
a piece or component of the project work at the lowest level of any branch of a work breakdown structure
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
hierarchical decomposition of the project work scope into work packages to be executed by the project team that will produce the project deliverables
Network Diagram
documentation that shows the necessary sequence and dependent relationships of the detailed activities that need to be performed
Baseline Plan
result of the planning process – should include:
* start and completion dates for each activitu
*amounts of various resources needed
*budget for each time period AND total budget
Stakeholder Register
document that identifies stakeholders and lists: key contact info, role or specific topics of interest, expectations, known issues, and areas of potential influence
Issue Log
document that lists and identifies key issues or concerns that each stakeholder has
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