Project Management Chapter 6 Quiz

Task(s) of the project that consumes time while people/equipment either work or wait
Activity-on-arrow (AOA)
method for drawing project networks. The activity is shown as an arrow
Activity-on-node (AON)
method for drawing project networks. The activity is on the node (rectangle). Dominates nearly all project network plans
Burst Activity
An activity that has more than one activity immediately following it
Concurrent engineering
Cross-functional teamwork in new-product development projects that provides product design, quality engineering, and manufacturing process engineering all at the same time.
Critical Path
The longest activity path(s) through the network. The critical path can be distinguished by identifying the collection of activities that all have the same minimum slack. If an activity on the path is delayed then the project is delayed the same amount of time.
Early and Late times
the amount of time it takes to complete an activity– can vary per activity — some can take 3 weeks and some can take 5 weeks, etc.
Free Slack
The maximum amount of time an activity can be delayed from its early start (ES) without affecting the early start (ES) of any activity immediately following it. Only activities that occur at the end of a chain of activities, where you have a merge activity, can have free slack.
Gantt chart
AKA bar chart — a graphic representation of project activities depicted as a time-scaled bar line
Hammock activity
A special-purpose, aggregate activity that identifies the use of fixed resources or costs over a segment of the project — e.g. a consultant. Derives its duration from the time span between other activities.
Lag relationship
The relationship between the start and/or finish of a project activity and the start and/or finish of another activity. The most common lag relationships are (1) finish-to-start, (2) finish-to-finish, (3) start-to-start, (4) start-to-finish.
Merge activity
An activity that has more than one activity immediately preceding it.
Parallel activity
One or more activities that can be carried on concurrently or simultaneously.
sensitivity (of a project network — in the diagram)
The likelihood that the critical path(s) will change once the project begins to be implemented.
Total Slack
TS for short — The amount of time an activity can be delayed and not affect the project duration (TS = LS – ES or LF – EF)
project network
tool used for planning, scheduling, and monitoring project progress — developed from the information collected for the WBS and is a graphic flow chart of the project job plan. It depicts the project activities that must be completed, the logical sequences, and the interdependencies of the activities to be completed, and in most cases the times for the activities to start and finish along with the longest path(s) through the network — the critical path. Also the framework for the project information system that will be used by the project managers to make decisions concerning project time, cost, and performance.
a sequence of connected, dependent activities
early start
late start
early finish
late finish
an attempt by the planner to return to an earlier activity

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