Project Management Chapter 5 part 1

balloon frame
wooden building frame composed of closely spaced members nominally 2 inches thick, in which the wall members are single pieces that run from the sill to the top plates at the cave
one of a parallel array of light, closely spaced beams used to support a floor deck or low slope roof
one of an array of small closely spaced parallel wall framing members; a heavy steel pin
framing member that runs up and down the slope of a steep roof
platform frame
wooden building frame composed of closely spaced members nominally 2 inches thick in which wall members do not run past the floor framing members
rough covering applied to the outside of the roof, wall, or floor framing of a structure
member that carries other perpendicular framing members
rim joist,(band joist)
wooden joist running perpendicular to the primary direction of the joists in a floor and closing off the floor platform at the outside face of the building
load bearing surface beneath a finish floor
sole plate (bottom Plate)
horizontal piece of dimension lumber at the bottom of the studs in a wall
top plate
horizontal member at the top of the studs in a wall in a light frame building
ridge board
structural beam supporting the upper ends of rafters in a sloped roof, required where the rafters are not tied to their lower ends
horizontal bottom prortion of a window or door; the exterior surface usually sloped to shed water below the bottom of a window or door
forcing out of plumb
batter board
boards mounted on stakes otside the excavation area of a building used to preserve locations for string lines marking the corners of the building foundation
termite shield
metal flashing on top of a concrete foundation to prevent termites from traveling undetected from the ground into the superstructure
framing plan
diagram showing the arrangement and sizes of the structural members in a floor or roof
rough carpentry
framing carpentry, as distinguished from finish carpentry
sill sealer
compressible material placed between a foundation and a sill to reduce air infiltration between outdoors and indoors
bracing or blocking installed between wood ro steel joists at midspan to stabilize them against buckling and, in some cases, to permit adjacent joists to share loads
pieces of wood inserted tightly between joists, studs, or rafters in a building frame to stabilize the structure, inhibit the passage of fire, provide a nailing surface for finish materials, or retain insulation
trimmer (jack stud)
shortened stud that carriers a header above a wall opening
king stud
full length stud nailed alongside a jack stud
cripple stud
wood wall framing member that is shorter than full length studs because it is interrupted by a header or sill
shear wall
stiff wall that imparts lateral force resistance to a building frame

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