Project Management: Ch1: What is a Project?

A sequence of unique, complex, and connected activities having one goal or purpose and that must be completed by a specific time, within budget, and according to specification
Business definition of a Project
A sequence of finite dependent activities whose successful completion results in the delivery of the expected business value that validated doing the project.
Traditional Project Landscape
Clear goal. Clear solution.
Agile Project Landscape
Clear goal. Not clear solution.
Extreme Project Landscape
Not clear goal. Not clear solution.
Emertxe Project Landscape
Not clear goal. Clear solution.
A collection of related projects that share a common goal or purpose.
A Portfolio
A collection of projects that share some common link to one another.
Scope Triangle 3 sides
Time, cost, Resource availability
Statement that defines the boundaries of the project. AKA – Statement of work
Product Quality
The quality of the deliverable from the project.
Process Quality
The quality of the project management process itself.
Deadline date within which the project must be completed.
It is best thought of as the budget that has been established for the project.
Resource Availability
For systems development projects, people are the major resource.
Affect the management of the other five constraints.
Client and senior management own what in the Scope Triangle?
Time, Budget, and Resources.
The Project team owns what in the Scope Triangle?
How time, budget and Resources are used.

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