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Project management has been around for years. One of the more interesting new tools that have been developed incorporates the use of the Internet. The beauty of using the Internet for project management is that most people have access to the Internet. You do not need any special software other than you web browser. Most of the communication between team members and the manager is done via e-mail.

I created an account on a web-base project management site called I found out about this site by using a search engine and searched for “project management”. is a free service. Just point your web browser to and follow the login icon. On the first visit you will have to create an account. It will ask you a few easy questions and then it creates the account that you will use to login on future visits.

This automated email was generated by

You have been assigned the following task by *Insert name here*

using a web-based Team Project Management application.

Since you are not a member of, please register

using the following link:

Project: Management Class

Task: Work on Paper

This is an amendment


Once registered, you will be able to monitor all tasks

assigned to you. You will be able to mark tasks as completed

with automated notification to the project manager.

You can assign tasks to yourself for this project.

For the project manager, they have a nice user interface that allow the manager to view all the projects, tasked assigned in each project and the team members associated with the project and tasks. You can also see what tasks are outstanding and completed. The Internet is becoming the media of choice for new management tools. Since the Internet already has laid the groundwork for connecting computers across the world, it only makes sense to use something that is already in place. is a first generation web-based management tool. Future generations should be more robust and give more features such as Gant and/or Pert charts. Only the future will tell!


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