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Intended Learning Outcomes of this Exercise upon completion of this tutorial/lab, you should be able to: Identify Inputs, outputs, and processing components from a problem description. Work out solution algorithm for the defined problem with sequence, selection and repetition control structures. Write the solution algorithm with pseudopodia. Task 1: Tutorial short Questions. Task 2: Algorithms Development Problem 1. A simple problem with only sequence Problem 2. A problem with single selection Problem 3. A problem with multiple selections

Problem 4. A problem with multiple selections Problem 5. A problem with repetition Problem 6. A challenging problem References 1 . Robertson, L. A. (2006). Simple Program Design (5th De. ). Boyd & Fraser Publishing Company, Chapters 1-3. This exercise is designed for two 2-hour tutorial/lab sessions! Task 1. Atonal (30%) Short Questions: 1 . List the seven basic steps in computer program development. 2. What are the Inputs and outputs of the following problems? A. Calculating the area of a triangle b. Calculating the solution(s) off quadratic equation In form c.

Measuring the distance of two cities on Earth d. A stop-watch e. Generating a random number between 0. 0000 to 1. 0000 3. What are the two main advantages In using meaningful names for variables, e. G. Uninteresting, tablecloth, straddles, etc.? 4. Determine the most suitable data types and give good names for the following variables. A. A student’s English name b. The examination mark of a student for the “Introduction to Programming” module c. A student Identification card number for an VIE student d. The total number of items in a box Task 2.

Algorithms Development (70%) Problem 1. Units Conversion A program is designed to convert a length in inches to centimeters (1 inch = 2. 54 CM). Design an algorithm in pseudopodia to solve the problem. Problem 2. Direction of a Street in New York City In New York City (NYC), even numbered streets are eastbound, odd numbered streets are westbound. Given a street number of a street in NYC, decide the direction of the street, either eastbound or westbound. Design an algorithm in pseudopodia for the problem. Problem 3. Converting a Mark into a Grade

A program is designed to convert an examination mark (0-100) to a grade (A-F) based on the following table. Design an algorithm in pseudopodia to solve the problem. Mark 0-59 60-69 70-79 otherwise Grade c Problem 4. Calculating Parking Fee A program is used to calculate the parking fee based on the type of vehicle and the hours a vehicle spent in a car park. The program should calculate the parking fee according to the following table.

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