Professional Forex Union Is Going Down

A few weeks ago I reported that a High Yield Investment Ponzi scheme (HYIP) called “Professional Forex Union”, operating under the Internet address “” appeared on authorities radar. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines issued a warning against the company because of providing unlicensed securities and posting fake certificates on their website.

It appears like this did quite some damage to this HYIP Ponzi scam, as there are now quite a few reports on popular so called “HYIP resources” and well known Ponzi pimp forums like Talkgold and MoneyMakerGroup about selective payments. A Ponzi scheme is called selective paying in the HYIP scene when a program only processes payments to strategic important members like HYIP monitors and blogs.

As far as I can see there are now also the first HYIP monitors displaying a “problem” or “scam status”. This is a clear sign of an impending collapse of the ProForexUnion Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile I did some research and was able to locate the real server IP and location of the Professional Forex Union HYIP Ponzi scam.

The real server IP is “ which belongs to Hetzner Online AG (, a German hosting company which is located in “Gunzenhausen” with a own data center near Nuremberg. A small research on this hosting company provided me with the result that Hetzner Online AG seems to be the place of choice of big Ponzi schemes.

Another multi million dollar Ponzi scheme called “Uinvest” which is operated from Ukraine is also using their services at this time. Maybe it would be a good idea to report the companies activities to the appropriate local authorities.

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