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Nurses are the largest work force in the health care industry. The increasing demands for nurses opt to increase the quality of attention given by these nurses. The Institute of Medicine ( IOM. 2010 ) provinces that patients “deserve the attention that centered on their alone demands and non what is most convenient for the wellness attention professionals” . Nursing pattern has changed significantly since the beginning of the profession secondary to increased demand for high quality attention given and for the safety of the nurses and the patients. In order to get the better of these challenges the Institute of Medicine ( IOM ) created a study that served as a foundation for the hereafter and promotion of nursing. IOM reported that. “Nurses have the chance to play a cardinal function in transforming the health care system to make a more accessible. high quality. and value-driven environment for patients” . ( Institute of Medicine [ IOM ] . 2010. pg. 85 ) The IOM study. ”The Future of Nursing: Leading Change. Advancing Health” . emphasized on different subjects with respects to the hereafter of nursing particularly the importance of nursing instruction. nursing pattern and the functions of nurses as a leader in the health care system.

The end of nursing instruction is for the nurses to be prepared to confront the increasing demands of a diverse population of patients and to present a safe and quality patient attention. In add-on. the transmutation of nursing instruction is encouraged to fix new nurses to work manus in manus with other health care professionals in different scenes. These alterations are needed because of technological promotions. older patient population and increasing complexness of the patient conditions. Care in the ague attention puting and outside the infirmary has become more complex every bit good. Nurses have to be trained on flexibleness and ability to take in more functions than what is expected when they graduate nursing. With this note. promotion in the instruction course of study and alterations are needed to counterbalance for these demands. Nurses should be able to hold evidence-based pattern attention. collaborative accomplishments with other professionals. be adept with the new engineerings and even more skilled on the ague and chronic health care scenes.

Most infirmaries are learning infirmaries and necessitate more BSN alumnus nurses in their work force. The IOM has a position to increase BSN nurses working in infirmaries from 50 % to 100 % . In malice of this position. IOM set a end of holding BSN nursing per centum of 80 % by 2020. This is “necessary to travel the nursing work force to an expanded set of competences. particularly in the spheres of community and public wellness. leading. systems betterment and alteration. research and wellness policy” . ( IOM. 2010. pg. 173 ) In add-on. holding a BSN grade is a good foundation for nurses to progress to a higher instruction. APRNs and Doctorate degrees. that will in bend progress nurses to research. module nurses to learn future nurses. ability to take part in making healthcare policies and leading functions.

IOM besides encourages holding span plans from RN to BSN and holding a residence plan that will let nurses to derive more accomplishments. experience and cognition and relieve the emphasis around new nurses that are being thrown out of the existent universe without adequate exposure and apprehension of the profession. There are plentifulness of barriers in carry throughing these ends but with proper inducements. motive and encouragement that are given to nurses. it is non impossible to hold a better hereafter in nursing instruction and have more educated and advanced nursing work force in our society today.

IOM besides emphasized the importance of progressing the nursing pattern to the community and non merely concentrate in the ague attention puting due to the increasing demands of the population and alterations in the health care system. The out-of-date policies regulating nursing range of pattern is a hinderance to the promotion of nursing pattern and because of this patients are limited to entree a better quality of attention. IOM stressed on their study that a necessary change in nursing pattern is needed

to supply patient-centered attention ; deliver more primary as opposed to specialty attention ; deliver more attention in the community instead than the acute attention puting ; supply seamless attention ; enable all wellness professionals to pattern to the full extent of their instruction. preparation. and competences ; and further inter-professional coaction. ( IOM. 2010. pg. 86-87 )

Nurses are encouraged to prosecute their instruction to Advanced Practical
Registered Nurses ( APRN ) due to a deficit of primary attention professionals in the ague and chiefly in the community health care puting. APRNs are knowing. good trained and adept plenty to supply safe and high quality of attention without the supervising of a primary physician. IOM believes that alterations in the ordinances and spread outing the range of pattern of nurses and of APRNs are necessary so that they can hold the ability to pattern and do determinations more independently. “The commission believes all wellness professionals should pattern to the full extent of their instruction and preparation so that more patients may benefit” . ( IOM. 2010. pg. 96 ) Again holding span plans and residence plans for new nurses will assist with the promotion of nursing pattern. Redefining the functions and widening the range of nursing pattern is extremely recommended by the IOM for the hereafter of the nursing profession and to maintain up with the development of the health care environment.

Another vision that the IOM has is nurses as leaders in health care. It is clip for nurses to travel frontward from bedside functions and get down being active as leaders and spouses with other health care professionals in presenting high quality attention to patients. Together with the alterations of nursing instruction and nursing pattern. nurses as leaders are required to eventually make the end of an advanced health care system. IOM’s vision “specifically challenges nurses to show full partnership with doctors and other health care professionals in redesigning U. S health care. ” ( Porer-O’Grady. 2011. pg. 33 ) in add-on the IOM “report suggests that the nursing profession must bring forth leaders at every degree of the system and accept cardinal leading places in policy. political relations. organisations. and pattern. ” ( Porer-O’Grady. 2011. pg. 33 )

Today’s promotions in engineering. nurses have an of import function in research and they assist in developing evidence-based pattern attention to keep safety. Nurses are the chief health professionals and they understand really good the health care procedure. Nurses besides play a critical function in presenting quality patient attention through facilitation. coordination and doing certain everything is at easiness. So it is imperative that nurses be involved in policy devising and supply schemes to better attention bringing and guarantee quality attention. With these outlooks put into nurses. it is every nurse’s duty to progress in their calling. through instruction. be really good rounded with competences and be active spouses and be future leaders in the health care system.

In decision. IOM has a really wide penetration and ends with respects to the hereafter of nursing. In order to accomplish these ends. the importance of progressing nursing instruction and pattern are emphasized every bit good as holding more nursing leaders in the health care system. Having more BSN alumnus nurses in the ague attention scenes and holding more APRNs widening their services to the community is traveling to ease the promotion that the IOM positions. Changing policies and widening the range of pattern for nurses to avoid restricting their abilities to pattern and taking advantage of the nurse’s full capablenesss is another end that the IOM envisions. Last. nurses are seen more involved as leaders for a successful reform and in bend provide a better quality and safe attention to patients.


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