Professional design of lime rotary kiln foundation

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Professional design of Lime rotary kiln foundation Lime rotary kiln Is most Important equipment In the limestone calculation production line,Great Wall company will Introduce the design of Lime rotary kiln foundation. Lime rotary kiln foundation Is mainly applied to supporting the loading of rotary kiln. The gradient of rotary kiln shell is from 3% to 5%,the normal rotation speed is 3 riming and the loading of rotary kiln is passed to lime rotary kiln foundation through supporting roller chassis. How to make reasonable design of lime rotary kiln foundation?

Great Wall company reposes best solution for you. As a result of high temperature in lime rotary kiln shell,which will deform the kiln shell and lead to unbalanced pressure on the lime rotary kiln foundation. Therefore Great Wall engineers design many independent foundation for Lime rotary kiln foundation,such as the drive foundation and supporting roller foundation etc. Lime rotary kiln always adopts autoclaves aerated concrete block and refractory as the kiln shell foundation. We should also take temperature Into consideration and make the necessary heat insulation measures. Pre-sales Service Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services; Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients; Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients; Training periodically high qualified service technician. 2. After-sales Service Highly Inspecting equipments In every working procedure, quality comes first; Fast & Safe Delivery; Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments; Dispatching engineers to Install and debug sullenest;

Training the flirts-Ellen operators on site: Regularly visit clients to solve production problems; Providing life-long maintenance service; Related Products http://www. Grammatically. Com/ http://www. Crystallographer. Com/ http://www. Crystallographer. Net/ http://www. Schoolteachers. CNN/ Rotary Kiln http://m. W. Grammatically. Com/product/rotational. HTML Ball Mill http://w. WV. Grammatically. Com/product/ball-mall. HTML Raymond Mill http:// WV. Grammatically. Com/product/Raymond-mall. HTML Vertical Mill http:// www. Grammatically. M/product/vertically. HTML Roll Crusher http:// www. Crystallographer. Com/Cone-Crusher. HTML Diesel Engine Crusher http:// www. Crystallographer. Com/Diesel-Engine-Crusher. HTML E-mail:[email protected] Com Copyright Statement The ownership of all the information including the photos and product specifications belongs to Great Wall Heavy Industry, If reproduced, please indicate the original source and the statement of the enterprise, any infringement may lead to the civil,administrative or criminal responsibility.

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