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The directorial construct of the drama started with an overall image of melancholy and a suggestion that the narrative is so a calamity. The phase. as the foundation of the full scene. has been designed to distinguish the degrees of society. therefore. it has different degrees of platforms and stairss. but go forthing the centre of the phase flattest. where most of the characters will be executing. The stuffs used for the platforms are of different types. The higher stairss taking to the outskirts of the phase look like they were made with ordinary level stones. much like the 1s we see in the old Jerusalem.

The stairss were made merely for the intent of being tracts work forces can walk on. Nothing stylish. The centre of the phase has a different design. because I noticed that the flooring is much more modern than the level stones around it. The stuff of the floor of the centre phase has a much smoother quality. although it was carved like bricks. like the 1s on the streets of Paris. France. The floor carvings are designed like segmented rings that all leads to one focal point. much like the bytes in a compact phonograph record. The most outstanding portion of the phase is the castle of Oedipus. the King.

It stands so proud with its walls widening all the manner to the top that it scares you of its bid of authorization and power. It stood so high and proud that it looked like it reached the celestial spheres and looks infinite. The stuff of it was the smoothest of all. It has the most modern design in the phase. The cement has a slate grey colour assorted with white runs that suggested it must be made of marble…the strongest among the stones on phase. That’s how powerful Oedipus. as a male monarch. is. He is believed to be the Jesus of Thebes when he defeated the Sphinx by replying the most hard conundrum.

The drama is an obvious “non-dramatic pageantry. ” because the elements of it were present and done in the phase. There is an “icon” or focal point. which normally is a “religious artefact or a saint. ” ( Theatrical Production. Encyclop? Defense Intelligence Agency Britannica. ) . There was a immense cross with a white fabric resting on its arm at the center of the highest outstkirt platform. This is its focal point because it looks spiritual plenty to propose it’s the cross of Jesus Christ. Overall. the environment of the phase is melancholy. The colour of the stage’s floor to the really tall castle is in the impersonal shadiness.

Again. nil particular. This merely suggests the chromaticity of sorrow. which is the shadiness of grey. The sorrowful environment was coupled with the phase visible radiations. which made the scene look softer and mellower. The visible radiations come from under the outskirts’ platforms. which gave a batch of shadow on the phase. The 2nd visible radiation will be coming from straight above the phase. which gives all small spot of freshness on the caputs of the characters. but non plenty light to lighten up the faces of every histrion. The hapless lighting made it felt like the characters are talking to me personally. in my deepest ideas.

It dawned to me that whenever I am down or whenever I wanted to be entirely. I tend to detest bright visible radiations. Such is the feeling of person in aftermaths. particularly those aftermaths inside chapels. The serene. comforting expression of a funeral scene in a chapel is the aimed environment here. The background visible radiations on the outskirts of the phase alterations as the temper of the scene alterations excessively. Even though the shadow was effectual plenty to propose sorrow. the light bluish chromaticity of the background defined the temper. When the ugly truth of Oedipus’ character was about revealed. the background visible radiation turned into a ruddy chromaticity. as if the Sun was puting.

It gave a ruddy freshness that suggested the atrocious feeling of the minute. It besides made the blood coming out from Oedipus’ eyes look thick and black. which made the agony dangerous plenty to decease. Sounds make the Black Marias beat quickly and loses one’s breath. From get downing until the terminal. the background music created the feeling that it is tragic. When Tiresius. the visionary. showed up. there was raging background music created by a type of fiddle. which made it felt like there was great sarcasm and contrariness in the scene.

The horting sound of the fiddle made my bosom turn and my pharynx a spot clogged because I felt the tenseness due to the sound. It is interesting though. how the manager was able to organize all facets of production to do the book suit his directorial construct. Of class. the book was changed to do it more dramatic and the words appealing to the audience. The book was “Bowdlerized. ” or words were changed to suit the slang of the modern audience. ( Dr. Eric W. Trumbull. ) .

Although there weren’t any illusion or colourful props on the phase. the characters are the 1s that still mattered the most. Though the faces of the characters by and large remained stiff throughout. their voices are full of colour. Loudness and softness of the voices stated the temper. There was besides a dramatic difference on the characters’ costumes. each has it’s ain different epoch to stand for ; a group will be have oning costumes of Sophocle’s coevals. another have oning the manner of the early 20th century. while another have oning the manner of the latest tendency.

Still. the colourss of the costumes were nil fancier than ruddy. white and gold. The colourss of the fabrics are in field solid colourss excessively. The characters’ limelight are their white costumes. or something white in their costumes. For illustration. the choruses were all dressed in black except the thread on the cervix. which is pure white. This gives the image that their caputs are drifting and the remainder of the organic structure is unseeable. The director’s purpose to show a non-dramatical pageant drama that won’t bore the modern audience so far caught my attending.

He may hold aimed to do the production net income a batch more by affecting “famous” histrions to play the function. as portion of his selling scheme. ( Dr. Eric W. Trumbull. ) . The production is an art in itself. and Don Taylor would’ve still passed as really good theatrical manager. The drama is directed pitching off from the Shakespearean construct of production. which made it rather different to the gustatory sensation of theatrical fans. and therefore. deserving watching and urging.

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