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His responsibility will be to protect the factory mishap, helps maintain peace & order in firm. The proposal project will manufacture only garments intended exclusively for the local market.Product differentiation strategy Standard Stuff have plan to differentiated itself from other local brands by offering quality assurance. Inshallah with launching of our product we will claim that if any person find defect or bad quality in our product, he can claim for Rs.100000 because we believe there will be only chance of defecting of our product. Our visions that because of our superior quality and other factors people would become brand loyal of our product initially we are offering only two products, T-shirts and shirts but we have plan after two years, inshallah, we will provide jeans and trousers also for male and female both.

Attractive designing Every year Standard Stuff will try to give a new look to its products like colour and style according to customer expectation and preferences because customer is always right. The purpose of this change is to make product more attractive. Mass Marketing Standard Stuff have plan to offer its product for every social class and income group people because it concentrates or mass marketing specialization by providing such a wide range of product.

Target Market of the project Target market of the project is Lahore is a second populated city of Pakistan. People of different countries like the products of Pakistani people. It is a big market for readymade garment industry. In Lahore, many famous areas where people mostly like readymade garments specially some famous areas like Gulberg, Liberty, Anarkali, etc our beautiful & small garments attract the customers foreign people appreciate our garments. So, we export our garments in different countries.

My factory will produce shirts & T-shirts there is two items are most useable readymade garment product in Pakistan & in all over the world. The process to produce shirts & T-shirts are quite similar & stitching price one also. It is estimated that about 50% of the urban male & 10% of the rural male population wears two & one ready made shirts per years respectively. The assumption have been combined with the following basic data arrive at the projected demand of garment shirts. After the examination of the four financial areas organization management, marketing technical & financial aspects and other critical factors it was clearly established that the project is viable.


Based of the for going consideration it is very clear consideration it is very clean that the project will have the profitable level of operation which can satisfied that investment return requirements of proponent therefore it is recommended the project the implemented by the proponents.


The 2005 Standard Stuff Shirts and T-Shirts marketing plan will seek to generate a significant increase in company’s sales and profit over the first year. The profit target is set. The sales revenue target is set which gain in sales revenue. This increase is seen as attainable through improved pricing and quality.


First of all we are thankful to Almighty God who in spite of all our weaknesses enabled us to prepare Small Business Management project well in time. We are also highly indebted to our teacher Mr.  whose timely help and guidance paved a way for us to complete this project. It was surely his method of teaching ; eagerness for imparting knowledge that we did not find much difficulty to give ink to our thoughts and information.

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