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After Yr.2000, Crystal Group has changed to the marketing orientation of which is perhaps the most common orientation used in contemporary marketing. It involves a firm essentially basing its marketing plans around the marketing concept, and thus supplying products to suit the consumer tastes. E.g., Crystal Group’s Product Development team not only helps its customers stay on top of the latest styles and trends.

In this new stage of marketing, its focus of relationship marketing is on a long-term relationship that benefits both the company and the customer. The relationship is based on trust and commitment, and both companies tend to shift their operating activities to be able to work more efficiently together.2 One of the most prominent reasons for relationship marketing comes from Kotler’s idea that it costs about five times more to obtain a new customer than to maintain the relationship with an existing customer.

As a strategic partner, Crystal Group grows together with its customers and goes deep into their businesses to help them achieve their overall business goals. Crystal Group’s existing marketing strategies Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development.4 It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves.

Crystal Group, under B2B, is dealing with other organizations in their marketing activities, rather than with the end consumer. Surely, the end consumer choice is one of the key factors to influence Crystal Group’s marketing strategy. Another one is eco-friendly of which the societal marketing concept deals with the needs, wants and demands of customers: how to satisfy them by producing superior value that should satisfy the customers and promote the well-being of society. The producer should not produce products deemed hazardous to society.

City clusters are made up of groups of large, nearly contiguous cities with many adjoining satellite cities and towns. Over the past two decades, such clusters have played a leading role in the economic growth of China, owing to their collective economic capacity and interdependency. However, the economic boom has led to a general decline in environmental quality. China is expected to quadruple its GDP by 2020 (using 2000 as the base year for comparison) and, consequently, will face even more serious environmental challenges. Improving energy efficiency and moderating the consumption of natural resources are essential if China is to achieve a balance between economic development and environmental health.

Therefore, China is aware of its environmental problems and firmly determined to seek solutions, with full recognition of present and future obstacles and priority in legislation. Recently, China Government develops and implements environmental protection laws and policy. Due to the above-mentioned government policy changes, Crystal Group focuses on social marketing. For example, Crystal Group develops products and processes that are greener and more eco-friendly.

In addition, Crystal Group began ‘green journey’ in 2007 when it established the environmental policy, objectives and five-year targets. This strategy, aimed at building a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable business, has already delivered results, including a significantly reduced carbon footprint, cost savings and improved productivity. It has also boosted employee morale and strengthened our relationships with customers, local governments and partners, presenting added opportunities for business growth.

Crystal group’s holistic marketing A marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole, its place in the broader economy and society, and in the lives of its customers. It attempts to develop and maintain multiple perspectives on the company’s commercial activities. For Crystal Group’s holistic marketing, I want to use the marketing mix (4P’s) to elaborate its business as a whole:

A product orientation is chiefly concerned with the quality of its own product. There is an assumption that its product was of a high standard, people would buy and consume the product. Say’s Law encapsulated this viewpoint, stating: “Supply creates its own demand”. To put it another way, “if somebody makes a product, somebody else will want to buy it”. This orientation rose to prominence in an environment which had a shortage of manufactured goods relative to demand, so goods sold easily.

During 80s, China opened her market to the World! Many Hong Kong manufacturers (including Crystal Group) moved into China of which provided many and cheap land, labor, energy and so on. Due to production bases rapid increasing in China, the business environment was changed from shortage of supply to excess. Therefore, Crystal Group had to change its marketing strategy from production orientation to relationship marketing to overcome these challenges.

Sales in relationship marketing should encompass the following: open communication, employee empowerment, customers and the planning process, and teamwork. First, communication is essential in figuring out what the customers need and determining how the firm can satisfy those needs. With open communication, both sides can express what they are trying to do and can work out a way to make it work together. Second, employee empowerment is important so that the employees are able to satisfy customer needs. Without empowerment, they may be limited in their solutions and cannot creatively satisfy needs.

Third, customers must be involved in the planning process. Customer input is invaluable, as the customer is the one who will be using the product. If the customer is not satisfied from the beginning, there is no way to gain approval after the product is incorporated. Lastly, relationship marketing must emphasize teamwork. Several people who can help solve customer problems should work together and use their talents to best serve the customers.

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