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Reviewing the first ten years of this century, the Apple Company has devoted Itself to developing new products, and it is those several new products that help the company increase its sales volume and make a high profit. This shows that a new product is one company’s life.

In other words, only when a company pays more attention on product design, can the company keep vital. Therefore, I will take the Apple Company as an example to illustrate the importance of product design. The history of Apple Company In 1976, Jobs persuaded Ward to sell assembles machines, and then their friend Ron Wayne Joined them. Later they founded the Apple Computer, Inc on April 1, 1976. “Apple Inc. , formerly Apple Computer, Inc. , Is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and commercial servers, and Is a digital distributor of media content.

Apple’s core product lines are the Phone smart phone, Pad tablet computer, Pod portable media players, and Macintosh computer line. Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Woozier effectively created Apple Computer on April 1, 1976, with the release of the Apple l, and incorporated the company on January 3, 1 977, in Cupertino, California. For more than two decades, Apple Computer was predominantly a manufacturer of personal computers, including the Apple II, Macintosh, and Power Mac lines, but it faced rocky sales and low market share during the 1 sass.

Jobs, who had been ousted from the company in 985, returned to Apple in 1 996 after his company NeXT was bought by Apple. The following year he became the company’s interim CEO, which later became permanent. Jobs subsequently instilled a new corporate philosophy of recognizable products and simple design, starting with the original Imax In 1998. With the Introduction of the successful Pod music player In 2001 and Tunes Music Store In 2003, Apple established Itself as a leader In the consumer electronics and media sales industries, leading it to drop “Computer” from the company’s name in 2007.

The company is now also known for its ISO range of smart phone, media player, and abele computer products that began with the phone, followed by the pod Touch and then pad. As of 2012, Apple is the largest publicly traded corporation in the world by market capitalization, with an estimated value of US$626 billion as of September 2012. Apple Inc’ s market cap is larger than that of Google and Microsoft combined. Apple’s worldwide annual revenue in 2010 totaled US$65 billion, growing to IIS$127. 8 billion in 201 land $156 billion in 2012. ” (History of Apple Inc, up. ) Why good design can makes company successful Today In the field of Industrial design, Apple’s product design is undoubtedly the cost successful; however, Apple did NT fully recognize the Importance of design until It was about to collapse. When Steve Jobs returned as Apple CEO and employed Jonathan I’ve as design department heads, Apple products owing to spectacular legend, and at the same time it causes the new and Jealousy of peers. Whether does design of input Value or not? Why spend so much of their time and money Just to make a computer look more beautiful?

In response to this issue, Don Norman, Apple Vice President and advanced technology, believed that it is because of excellent design that Apple could be outstanding in operation. He assumed that attractive things can function better, Just like your car, after a car wash, wax, will look better, or at least make you feel great! What’s more, Norman in his Emotional Design wrote, “positive emotions are critical for cognitive thinking, curiosity and creativity. Psychologists Alice Seen and colleagues have proved that pleasure will broaden people’s thought process, stimulate creative imagination. It can be said that a good product design makes consumers feel better. As long as consumers feel great, your products will become best-selling goods. Therefore, product design is essential for a company’s operation. The reason of Apple’s success Anonymous pointed,”The phone SD provides developers with a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (Apish) and tools to create innovative applications for phone and pod(R) touch. Starting today, anyone can download the beta phone SD for free and run the phone Simulator on their Mac(R).

Apple today also introduced its new phone Developer Program, giving developers everything they need to create native applications, and the new App Store, a breakthrough way for developers to wirelessly deliver their applications to phone and pod touch users. “(Apple Reveals phone SD, up. 1) A few years ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was asked to make a startup consulting. The entrepreneurs for their unique technology were quite confident, but still modestly asked “How do you like our product “l think it’s a sit,” Jobs said without hesitation. Hearing that, the entrepreneurs felt rather astonished, so they asked,” What makes you say so? Let is not innovative, elegant or humankind. “Steve Jobs pointed out three defects in the product design, “you have so innovative machines, but the profile looks very traditional”. Finally, Jobs suggested they go to a good design company. Innovation, elegance and humiliation are Job’s three design criteria. At the same time, Jobs considered design as the standard of core of products. Many people used to work at Apple expressed that design was precedent over technology, which was inseparable from the rulers of this small kingdoms, Jobs, who had a preference for design.

He thought outstanding product design was part of the marketing, so Jobs bayed much attention to the search for the best design minds. Thus it can be said that “strategic design to improve” was not an empty word for him. After Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, almost every significant product had its iconic design, from Imax with a Jelly-like transparent plastic shell to Pod with bathtub-like white and transparency effects. These designs were all innovative and gained consumers’ favor as soon as they were put into market.

Therefore, it is the product design that contributes Apple to success, and it is because of the product design that the Apple Company has been in the Forbes’ Global High Performers List when the global economy is dismal. Reasons why Apple’ product design is so popular What advantages does Apple’s design have over other companies? With this question I have investigated Apple’s product. According to my research, I draw a The first reason is color design. As we all know, the formal beauty of products mainly consists of shape, color, materials and other comprehensive factors.

But in those factors, color occupies an important position, because it can attract the attention of consumers the first time and impresses a person deeply. In product design, the proper use of color can express the design theme better, arouse people’s common feelings and people’s interest in the product and even affect the people’s choice. Apple Company is such a well-known model in the design field. Take IMAX as an example, owing to its distinctive design that modeling was combined with color refectory, IMAX changed people’s impression on electronic products.

That Apple exploits new design actively brings consumers visual feast, and as well as brings the company a quite high profit. With the development of science and technology, consumers’ mind has changed; however, apple’s design is also keep improving. In order to cater to people, the color of the apple products comes back to the classic black, white and gray, but different from the past one. New products use acrylic and aluminum these two different materials to reflect the color of the product, such as Powerboat 64, Imax, Macomb Pro and Magic Mouse.

Besides the first important reason, the material of the product is also an indispensable element. However, different from the former, the choice of the material, to a large extent, depends on the tactility. The tactility, combing with its visibility, make the users enjoy various experiences. Wood reminds people of mildness, cloth makes people feel comfortable, metal leaves an impression of romance and the look of glass gives people a sense of classic. That is the miracle power of materials. The choice of material for a product more or less reflects the designer’s emotional tendency.

In the field of industrial sign, Apple not only leads in molding and use of color, but also in material and technicians of the new product. For example, the success of Imax is partly owing to its color design, and partly to the choice of its material. But now, the age of acrylic has become history and it can no longer show Apple’s leadership in its professional field. So, Apple begin to search for new material, and in 2011, it announced its latest result—Macomb Pro, made of titanium alloy. However, since the high cost of titanium alloy, Apple did not put too many efforts on it but turned its eye on the aluminum.

Aluminum is light, flexible in shape, and nontoxic. Undoubtedly, those features give Apple who is full of imagination and forward in design the best opportunity. To conclude, “human-centered” is the origin and destination of technological esthetics. The aim of industrial design is to satisfy people’s needs, and technological esthetics requires achieving this goal in an esthetics way, thus calling for “humiliation”. Technological esthetics adds the aesthetic culture in the industrial design, and gives users a chance to experience the social development in the process of enjoying esthetics.

By encouraging people to pursue esthetics in design, it helps people to rate pleasure in life, and changes their old life style, thus building a more harmonious relationship with nature. If we say that social development and technology progress provide the necessary conditions for digital era, then design from the perspective of humiliation betters those conditions. Among various commodity terms, products which are human-centered and latest in technology always win the market.

Human-centered design is not only about its functions, but feature. The nature of technological esthetics is the combination of function and forms, and they are equally important. The last but the most important one is humiliation. The major drive force for the present day industrial design is the standardization of mass production and the huge consumption. Market competing and standardization of mass production have given birth to industrial design. Industrial design is different from engineering design and artistic design.

It is consisted of art and science and includes factors such as technique, art, human and environment, reaching the unification of outlook, structure and functions. By industrial design, we can satisfy the functional desires of the customers and their aesthetic requirements. The design industry has developed with the advancement of science and the emergence of diverse cultural thoughts. Every style of design and every new thought is about to satisfy the development of the society. As one of the subject systems, industrial design also has its own theories to back its development.

And under this trend, the technological aesthetics has come into birth which is a comprehensive aesthetic subject revealing the aesthetic value of the products and the technological activities. Analyzed from its components, technological aesthetics not only has the functional aesthetics but also has artistic aesthetic factors. Its products and the relation between the form and its function are all of the important contents of the technological aesthetics ontology. With the development of the society, studies on the human technologies and practical environmental problems have gradually become the major points of the aesthetic study.

Technological beauty has become the measurement of humiliation and humiliation itself has become the major trend of designing as one of the principles. Whenever and wherever, humiliation and technological aesthetics are closely combined in the process of Designing As for the reasons why the Apple Company can submit one perfect product after another to its customers while other company often ends up with failure, Michael Loop, senior engineering manager of the Apple Company has revealed the secret for this question on the spring party of American IT companies. That is “to embed perfect soft ware in the hardware. As the two biggest electronic corporations exclusive to the personal consumption market in the world, both Sony and the Apple Company are outstanding in the area of industrial design. Not long ago, Sony has Just promoted AVIVA P, a portable notebook with good design, simple and fashionable Tyler. However, when using, costumers find it hard to use it because of its slow running speed. As a result, although both of the two companies are powerful in their industrial design, in this digital era, the Apple Company has won a lot more applause for its advantages in soft ware.

By saying “design is not only Just about the outlook and feeling of a product but it also decides how the product is going to function”, Jobs has pointed out the ultimate essence and goal of designing–good quality of client experience or humiliation. phone has been issued for two years and all bile phones companies have promoted their smart mobile phones one after another. You cannot understand where they come short from the perspective of hardware allocation. They even have some functions that phone are not equipped with such as duplication and paste. Besides, their prices are also lower than phone. To know how to unlock the strange phone. But customers are so happy when they unlock the phone by moving the sliding block. Moments like this are not rare: clicking the album cover of Cover Flow, turning to songs list of the album, rolling the contact list to the bottom or the top and pressing the Home button and the main screen ounce up. It is said that, a senior IT editor was moved to tears when he got his first phone. It is those pleasant and moving moments that make phone the phone which cannot be imitated or surmounted–that is the client experience and that is humiliation.

The implication of this study Apple’s success has been witnessed by all the world, and its success teaches me a lot. If a company wants to gain achievements, it needs to focus on product design. Take Sony and Apple as an example, Apple’ product, thanks to unique design, defeated Sonny’s that was cheaper. It shows that product design is essential in company’s operation. Therefore, the essay uses the example of Apple to emphasize the importance of product design, and I hope every company can recognize it.

In addition, company’s design should be distinctive and take consumers’ favor into consideration. Conclusion Apple has become a well-known company since it launched in 1976, which was indispensable from Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, who persisted putting product design on the first place in company s operation. Jobs believed a good product design could attract consumers’ attention, and even arouse their desire, and that’ why Apple’s products have been the best-selling electronic goods.

Compared with Apple, though other companies’ products are cheaper or have more function, their products lack design strategy, therefore, those companies are defeated by Apple. To sum up, in company operation, leaders should emphasize the importance of product design, and make a distinctive design according to company s condition and consumers’ favor.

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