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This executive summary will be used to outline the design approach for Sports Clips Haircuts. In this summary the details that will be provided cover the process design approach, the production line, in addition to any personal attention approaches located within the process design matrix. Sports Clips Haircuts is a company that prides itself on the exceptional quality of customer service, reasonably priced haircuts, and a sports themed relaxing atmosphere for men and boys to get a haircut.

Paramount to their business model is the belief that extraordinary customer service is the only way to run and be successful in business. They make a point to offer every customer individual attention. Promising that each and every customer is happy with every haircut they receive. Process Design and Approach: Their process design or operating model makes every effort to remain competitive with other discount haircut competitors. Sports Clips understands that consumers’ moods are ever changing and it is important to expect and cater to those changes. According to sportscasts. Mom (201 5), “Sport Clips is like no other place you’ve ever oaten your hair” (About-Us, 2015). Haircut packages vary with names like MAP, Triple Play, and Extra Innings. Each level of haircut included a both hot towel treatment and massage. Sports Clips Haircuts also use only top of the line hair products on their customers. They feel that the umbrella method to discount haircuts is an immediate contradiction to customer service. Every guest is made to feel comfortable and relaxed. Personal Attention Approach: Although routine, getting a haircut is a very important part of making a fair percentage of men feels good about themselves.

This is something that was included n the model as Sports Clips was developed. “Do Your Best. Do What’s Right. Treat Others the Way They Want to Be Treated. ” (About-Us, 2015). That statement is what the founders of Sports Clip decided would be the center point to their values. When a guest sits in the chair all focus is on them and how to best fill their needs with respect to the haircut package they will receive. The attention to the guest is as big as the Texas sky under which Sports Clips was founded and headquartered. The Sports Clips model is the same in all 50 states of the United States and Canada as well. Workforce:

Sports Clips Haircuts currently has over 1200 locations across the United States and Canada. With 10-20 employees per location it is safe to say that the work force should not be considered part of a small company. The important part of the workforce is that they create the electric and exciting atmosphere in which the guest receives haircuts, shaves, and massages. As was previously stated it not only about the haircut. Sports Clips sells the experience and atmosphere that caters to the sports minded man and his sons. The workforce truly trust not only the corporate vision, but in the value of the service that they provide.

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