Problems that might be obtained in the fore coming ten years

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This world of ours is full of sorrows, pains and sufferings. Alt can be seen that the world has made a lot of progress during these recent years, indeed these changes are bringing negative factors that is affecting our planet. Moreover these problems will continue to degrade in the foredooming years. The difficulties that the world is facing today is uncountable and inevitable. Certain problems will have impact on our daily life and on the planet. The problems that might be obtained in the fore coming ten years would be the nature (natural calamities). Natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis poses threats o coral reefs.

They harm the marine ecosystems and destroy the habitat for an abundant range of life. In the coming ten years, most existing coral reefs will die due to pollution, over fishing, dumping of wastes in seas and rivers. This eventually lead to high tides at sea. Besides some problems that might also affect the nature are deforestation that will lead to droughts and soil erosion. This will give rise to greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. On the other hand there is the problem of global food crisis in some countries like south Asia, Africa and South America.

These countries may face malnutrition due to an increase in the population rate. There is a complex combination of poor harvests, competition with befouls , higher energy prices which all lead a rise in the price of food which in turn will lead million of people in poverty. Poor countries will face many difficulties to cope with insufficient food. Due to lack of food, they will have problem for physical and mental development. Millions of children will suffer from irreversible effects of malnutrition. There can be also shortage of food due to overpopulation. This nears that food level will outstrip demand.

Global food crisis ay result in riots and many death around the world. In addition there is gaming problem where actions are influenced by what happens in reality, and games that use sensors so that we can play them out in the real world. Advance in gaming might result in obesity when people especially youngsters spends most of the time playing games. There may also be violent behaviors in other words children who play violent games tend to blur the line about what is fantasy and about what is acceptable in real life. Gaming may also lead to social isolation as children who are addict to games begin to lose colonization skills.

They are more interested in these sophisticated games rather and have no longer the desire to talk to people. Students are vulnerable to this drug as they neglect their studies and this may have a harmful effect on their educational lives. Great impact on a person life. It can be said that technology plays a major role in our every day life. Most of are addict to modern technology and rely on it rather than doing the work manually. This may also influence youngsters as they would try to keep in touch with sophisticated accessories. It may be a waste of money for many of us. Children would loss focus on their studies.

People might become lazy and may have computerized stress as they rely too much on it. Another problem which might arise in the future years would be massive development in the world over. This would cause the destruction of forest, natural resources, extinction of certain plants and animals. There would be high rate of pollution with the major construction of buildings and others in fracture. However there are solutions that can be taken to over take these problems such as biodiversity boosts ecosystems productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play.

For example, a large number of plant species nears a greater variety of crops, greater species diversifying natural substitutability for all life forms and healthy ecosystems can recover from a variety of disasters. There are coral reefs fish savior’s namely small-scale fisheries which are adopted in Indonesia. There should be forestation to prevent droughts and soil erosion. Youngsters should sensitizes for the environment through green school project. Moreover the government can provide assistance to farmers to be more efficient and productive to increase production of crops as this will contribute to reduce hunger in he country.

More diversion of land can be provided to farmers to allow large scale production and growing of food. Government will have to increase emphasis on import-oriented agriculture rather than export-oriented agriculture. As such the country will not run out of food and there will be an evenly distribution of food among people. Social aids may be given to people in order for them to have a good standard of living. Furthermore, obesity and social isolation might be control by parent’s by monitoring the length of time being spent on gaming. Or educational facilities the information GE is driving society to learn-online courses which are made available to prepare across the world, even while they are currently employed computers are being utilized through programs such as in some countries one countries is given per child, that has been developed to help children in third world countries have opportunities for an education. Educators must continue fighting hard for bigger budgets to take care of more children. Besides, people must try to do their work manually; hence they would not become lazy. There must be a control on the use of technologies by people.

Moreover with he massive development being done the government should put emphasis on the as to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer which could result in diseases like the cataract and skin cancer, for example a country which is affected is Australia. To conclude, some of these problems and opportunities will most likely bring along new offers and issues for us. The future can become better or worse depending on our personal outlook on things. Probably we need to take a step outside the box and recognize this is so that we are moving towards common goals instead of dealing with personal issues if we want to succeed in the future.

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