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Anthony Frasier is faced with the difficult decision to remain loyal to his company Mitron or to protect his self-interest due to the possibility of a layoff. A customer of Mitron has requested Anthony to perform the same services his company offers, but on an independent basis.Brief SynopsisMitron is a multi-billion dollar computer hardware and software company that has been forced to cut back by unbundling some of its services, which resulted into employee downsizing.

Nearly a year after major cutbacks, layoffs, and freezes Mitron is still experiencing financial hardships. Although Anthony Frasier is a valued employee at Mitron he recognizes that he is dispensable.Criteria for Successful ResolutionMagnum’s satisfaction with timely project completionAnthony’s satisfaction with monetary compensation, recognition, and stabilityMitron policies that meet the needs of their customersCreating a stronger relationship between Mitron and Magnum that matches Mitron’s SWOT with Magnums customer wants and needsAnalysisIt is critical for Mitron to maintain a primary focus of customer satisfaction. Although Mitron and Magnum have withstood a long relationship, Mitron’s priorities have shifted from a customer-oriented focus to an internal focus.

This has forced Magnum to seek competitor service. By employing Anthony, Magnum is willing to pay the above the normal consulting fees with a tradeoff of the job completing a lot sooner due to administrative processing.In the software industry, customers have demands that can arise quickly and need resolution in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.  Mitron has not managed its customer relationships well during the transition of the separation of support and maintenance.

  Due to financial difficulties within Mitron, the opportunities to loose customers and employees are presently high.AlternativesAnthony accept the offer from Magnum and not inform MitronProsIncreased income for AnthonyIncreased satisfaction for AnthonyCustomer satisfaction with needs being met in a timely mannerConsMagnum is not satisfied with Mitron’s customer service, but with Anthony’sNo change in Mitron’s policiesNo knowledge in Mitron of depth of problem, no way to resolve for futureAnthony discuss offer from Magnum with his management.  No Change in Mitron policy, require follow normal channels.ProsNo change to handleConsMagnum dissatisfied with Mitron’s customer serviceAnthony is dissatisfied with monetary payment and recognitionMitron’s policies do not meet customer needsMitron in jeopardy of loosing Magnum as a valued customerAnthony informs Mitron.  Mitron allows Anthony to take the job on the side. Mitron does not adequately analyze their policies to see how they can improve their service.

ProsMagnum is satisfied with the quick response that they have received and the acceptance of their offer.Anthony is satisfied with monetary compensation and recognition.Mitron’s allowance meets the customer’s needs.ConsMagnum is not satisfied with Mitron’s customer service, but with Anthony’s.Magnum is likely to use Anthony again in the future, cutting out Mitron.

The relationship between Mitron and Magnum is not strengthenedAnthony discusses with Mitron and Mitron assigns Anthony to Magnum’s site, expediting the process.  Mitron commits to the same pay being offered Anthony by Magnum and pledges to evaluate it internal processes.ProsMagnum is satisfied with Mitron’s customer service.Anthony is satisfied with monetary compensation and recognition by Mitron and is more likely to stay.

Mitron can evaluate their policies to make sure they are best structured to meet customer needsWorking closely with Magnum, they can build a policy that works well for both the customer and the service provider.  The relationship that is created will be strong and last over time.ConsRequire more effort and potentially more costs to Mitron in the short term.RecommendationProceed with option 4.

  It is in the best alternative for Mitron as it will promote a healthy relationship with both Anthony and Magnum. Anthony’s experience and customer service represents an exceptional employee, one that Mitron should retain. This is also an opportunity to build a stronger and long-lasting relationship with Magnum as they continue to meet their needs. This is an opportunity for Mitron to develop a mix of success that would position them to deliver timely and professional service that will exceed the expectations of their costumers.ImplementationAnthony will arrange a schedule that will be comparable to all parties. Mitron should do an internal and external evaluation of their company to determine their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

While Anthony is working with Magnum, it is essential that Mitron review their internal policies and implement changes to their processes to meet customer needs.

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