Prison Term Policy Recommend-ation Proposal

Length: 288 words

During the proposal being summarized it will cover the main subjects to include the objectives and goals of the bill. What if any of the solutions involved and expected in the bill as well as the Justifications for the bill to become a law or if not, the reasons behind the cause. As a criminal adviser for my legislator, it is the requirement of this position to make a qualitative recommendation based on research. The bill before this adviser is a popular one but it also can become one that may be more than what s needed for the criminal offenses it will cover.

The cost could become very prohibitive and the reasoning for the bill may not be Justifiable. The main objectives of this bill soon to become before the legislature is narrowed to two words reduce crimes. The goals of the same bill will really come to the same as the objectives of the bill. If someone had a crystal ball and could determine how the world could successfully accomplish this mission, charging only a dollar for each failed attempt of the past, they could become easily a millionaire.

The secrets of reducing crimes are hidden In every criminal’s minds but they are only a single part of the equation. If the legislature decides to pass this bill they are going to need to figure the anticipated cost for each person convicted for the crime of armed robbery. Because the current cost In the Imprisonment of a convicted person Is approximately too high for to house an Inmate. It Is cheaper to give them a conviction and let them go than to house the Inmate because the tax payers are paying top dollars to house them.

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