Principles of Management CLEP: CliffsQuickReview Questions

True or False: Manager skills are the abilities or capacities to use resources and/or interact with employees.
Which of the management functions sets the tone, impacts upon, and provides the groundwork for the other functions?
a. Staffing
b. Controlling
c. Leading
d. Coordinating
e. Planning
e. Planning
The various levels of management in an organization are known as a(n) _________ or pyramid structure.
a. assembly
b. organizational process
c. company
d. objective
e. hierarchy
e. hierarchy
True or False: The primary aim of the classical scientific school was to find the “one best way” to operate.
True or False: Successful modern-day management practices focus upon one particular school of management theory.
If a person is employed, his or her pay would be which type of indirect interactive force?
a. Environmental
b. Natural
c. Sociocultural
d. Technological
e. Economic
e. Economic
What is the most important step in the decision-making process?
Proper identification of the problem
Which of the following is not an important contributing factor of successful brainstorming?
a. No interruptions
b. Feeling of freedom of expression
c. No idea is too outlandish
d. Free flow of ideas
e. Groupthink
e. Groupthink
Bank and credit union managers would be wise to use which decision tool to accommodate walk-in “depositors” on payday?
a. Simulation
b. Queuing models
c. Game theory
d. Delphi technique
e. Payback analysis
b. Queuing models
True or False: The mission statement should provide the answer to why an organization exists.
True or False: Tactical plans are narrower in scope than strategic plans but broader in scope than operational plans.
True or False: The basic planning process ends with implementing the plan.
True or False: Rules, policies, and procedures abound within the informal organization.
True or False: Efficient managers need not be concerned with the informal organization.
Which of the following is not a contingency factor that affects organizational design?
a. Strategy
b. Size
c. Age
d. Function
e. Technology
d. Function
True or False: The benchmark for most employment legislation within the United States is the Equal Pay Act of 1962.
True or False: Employee training and development are synonymous.
True or False: Objective performance appraisals are quantifiable and observable.
What elements are needed for a group to be considered a team? What are the characteristics of effective teams?
A team is a group of 2+ people who interact regularly in a collaborative way to accomplish preset objectives and goals.
What are vertical teams?
A vertical team is comprised of members with various levels of authority from different tiers of management.
What three types of teams are considered horizontal teams?
Task force, cross-functional, and committees are horizontal teams.
What are the four stages of team development and what occurs during each?
1. Forming: members become acquainted
2. Storming: disagreements and contrasts
3. Norming: team solidifies with unity
4. Performing: functions as intended
True or False: According to Maslow, only an unsatisfied need can influence behavior.
True or False: Successful managers motivate individual workers in common, consistent, and collective ways.
True or False: The concept of job enrichment states that assigning more tasks to an employee will reduce boredom and serve as a motivational tool.
How is management distinguished from leadership?
Management uses resources to achieve objectives. Leadership motivates people to accomplish goals.
According to contingency model of leadership effectiveness, a manager’s success in leading a work group is contingent upon what factors?
Fiedler. Success is contingent on task or relationship motivation.
According to the path-goal theory of leadership, what determines whether a manager’s leadership style will be motivating to employees?
To the extent that employees believe it helps them achieve things they value. Heavy on rewards.
True or False: Controls do not have to be accepted by the members of an organization to be effective and efficient.
True or False: Control techniques are used to measure and monitor the performances of an organization, its people, and its processes.
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