Pride & Ferrell Marketing – Chapter 13

A practice whereby customer contact jobs are outsourced into worker’ homes
The characteristic that a service is not physical and cannot be perceived by the senses
services are more impacted by the interaction between the service provider and the customer than for a good transaction.
services are more perishable than goods.The inability of unused service capacity to be stored for future use
Variation in quality
Client-based relationships
Interactions that result in satisfied customers who use a service repeatedly over time
Customer contact
The level of interaction between provider and customer needed to deliver the service
Service quality
Customers’ perceptions of how well a service meets or exceeds their expectations
Search qualities
Tangible attributes that can be judged before the purchase of a product. DESCRIPTION ON A WEBSITE
Experience qualities
Attributes that can be assessed only during purchase and consumption of a service. RESTAURANTS
Credence qualities
Attributes that customers may be unable to evaluate even after purchasing and consuming a service. MEDICAL PROCEDURE
Nonprofit marketing
Marketing activities conducted to achieve some goal other than ordinary business goals such as profit, market share, or return on investment
Target Public (Nonprofits)
A collective of individuals who have an interest in or concern about an organization, product, or social cause
Client Publics (Nonprofits)
Direct consumers of a product of a nonprofit organization
General publics (Nonprofits)
Indirect consumers of a product of a nonprofit organization

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