Pride and Glory Essay

I came to see the movie “Pride and Glory” . a 2008 crime/drama movie set in New York. It is directed by Gavin O’Connor and portrayed by Edward Norton. Colin Farrell. Jon Voight. and Noah Emmerich. New York has been portrayed at the present twenty-four hours state of affairs where there is a society and Torahs apparent. In a affluent metropolis like New York. drug traders and corrupt functionaries besides exist. This metropolis is like any other metropolis in the universe in which black market for drug dealing. street packs and corrupt public functionaries subsists.

The secret plan of the movie starts with the violent deaths of the four constabulary work forces in Washington Heights. Those work forces belong to SNEU division of the New York Police Department headed by CO Francis Tierney. Jr. played by Noah Emmerich. Deputy Chief Francis Tierney. the male parent of Francis Jr. and Ray. decided to delegate Ray to head the probe sing the violent deaths of their ain work forces. Equally shortly as Ray uncovers the enigma of the violent deaths. everything that looks consecutive turns back down.

Ray’s probe leads to the group of constabulary officers covering with soiled money. He uncovers the truth behind those violent deaths that his brother-in-law Jimmy Egan is involved in drug covering with Angel Tezo. Because Francis Jr. in-attendance with his work forces. he accidentally allowed them to work on the streets with those drug traders with Jimmy as the chief participant among the constabulary officers ( that includes Dugan and Carbone.

During the flood tide of the movie. Ray alternatively of happening Angel Tezo. he besides accidentally finds Jimmy. Dugan and Carbone at 4330 Central Avenue in the Bronx. At the scene. he saw that Tezo was in terrible hurting and tortured by Jimmy. He shortly finds that his gun was losing and a gun shooting has been fired to Tezo. At the falling action of the movie. it is up to Ray to follow the advice of his male parent or talk up the truth. the true colour the SNEU NYPD. Reference O’Connor. G. 2008. Pride and Glory ( movie ) .

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