Preliminary Investigation Computerized Price Inquiry System

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The sale process was slowed because of the manual process of selling their . Unable to correctly process the increasing prices and changing a product because they are using manual methods 4. He estimate of the price of the product is difficult 5. Back orders are not receiving proper priority. 6. The management wants to implement Reorder Leveling 7. The information products are stored only on paper. They are easily damaged or stolen 8. The existing systems encountered a lot of problems like data redundancy, lost of files in a filing cabinet and sometimes in the computer because of using a stand- Initial Scope of the Project This cross-functional project will support or impact the following business functions and external parties: 1 . Customers profile 2.

Sales and order entry (all sales offices) 3. Suppliers profile 4. External parties a. Prospective Customers b. Suppliers It is recognized that project scope may need to be refined over the course of the project. Project scope should be defined as explicitly as possible in the first phase of the project. Any significant deviation of functionality, cost, or timetable must be reported promptly to the appropriate director. Project Vision To gain nag fulfill our knowledge:: 1 . Give a good sales process to deliver to clients the advantages of Rewet trading when it comes to selling 2.

We would also organize the wrong process that destroys Rewet trading 3. It can accelerate the process of finding products and prices easily know it and it is strictly preserved exactly as it was held by the owner because it has a password that only he knows. 4. Using this system especially accelerate the process of selling and all contained in Rewet trading will benefit its Business Constraints . The initial version of the system must be operational in three months. Subsequent versions should be released in six month increments. F Administrator. 3. As part of RETEST’S TRADING strategic goal to become the leader in IT products, all business processes are subject to business process redesign to include total quality management and continuous process improvement. 4. The system must conform to the standard technology existing in the market. Technology Constraints The new system must conform to the following information technology architectural tankards: Hardware specification should be stressed so that it can determine the physical environment that the software can achieve.

The requirements for the system include the following: For Server ; Memory ( KGB ) ; Hard disk/s (at least KGB ) ; Network Printer ( canon) ; Monitor’s ( overrate silver) ; UPS ( Giant / Neatest AVIVA) Accessories ( Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker) For Workstation ; Processor (intercooler duo processor LUVS ) ; Memory (1 KGB ) ; Hard disk/s (at least BIBB ) ; Accessories ( Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker and Casing ) Types of software specification provide the programming language that is used in hardware environment. Windows vista capable PC ; Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 (Front-end software) (Back-end software) Network Specifications ; Microsoft Access 2003 The proponents used Star Topology for easy access and installation and TCP/IP setting. Project Strategy All IS development projects are subject to the following process strategies.

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