Pre-Course Study Set

Approximately how much larger is a timeshare unit than a typical hotel room
4 times larger
Approximately how many UCF students are educated in timeshare-specific and timeshare-related courses annually?
The timeshare industry in the United States is approximately how large?
$70 Billion
How many timeshare resorts are there in the US?
1,500- 25% of those are located in Florida
Students wishing to learn more about the timeshare industry, participate in field trips and behind the scenes tours, interact with industry executives, attend industry conventions and earn timeshare-specific scholarships, should join UCF’s Futures in Vacation Ownership (FiVO) student organization.
Timeshare resort occupancies are typically lower than traditional lodging properties, i.e., hotels, resorts, etc.
Timeshare in the United States got its start from
Condominium Developers
Which of the following is the primary reason for greater operational efficiency in timeshare resorts in comparison to traditional lodging properties, i.e., hotels?
Higher Occupancy Rates
Students interested in learning more about the timeshare business and it’s unique aspects have how many timeshare-specific or timeshare-related classes from which to choose at UCF?
4 undergraduate course and 2 graduate level courses
UCF’s Timeshare Faculty have practical experience and personal connections in the timeshare industry.
Most of the prominent timeshare companies are located within a few miles of the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management campus.
Timeshare is equivalent to which popular term
Vacation Ownership
How many timeshare owners are there in the United States?
UCF’s Rosen College is the only university that teaches timeshare courses.
Approximately how many jobs does the timeshare industry account for in the United States?
1/2 million
Which of the following is NOT a unique characteristic of the timeshare industry (in comparison to traditional lodging)?
Resort occupancies run extremely low in comparison.
What percentage of timeshare owners are satisfied with the product?
According to Dean Pizam, the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management offers timeshare education primarily due to
the current and anticipated demand and growth of the industry
When a timeshare owner does not want to use their timeshare unit in any given year, the management company may
rent the unit just like a hotel room
How much can a typical family save on a lifetime of vacations when buying timeshare in comparison to vacationing in traditional hotels throughout their lifetime?
Just like primary home ownership, i.e., the house you or your family live in, timeshare ownership has comparable characteristics. Which of the following is not a characteristic or component of timeshare ownership?
All of the answers are correct
(Maintenance and Upkeep, Property Tax, Mortgage)
Which of the following traditional lodging companies are involved in the timeshare industry?
All of the answers are correct
(Disney & Hilton, Marriott & Holiday Inn, Hyatt & Four Seasons)
Students wishing to have a career in timeshare must be interested in timeshare sales.

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