Practicum III Thermoregulation

Question Answer
Thermoregulatory responses functional in ANESTHETIZED & PARALYZED hypothermic infant/child VASCONSTRICTION & NON-SHIVERING THERMOGENESIS
Ambient TEMP at which metabolic heat production is minimal & temp regulation is achieved by non evaporative phys process in ADULT>CHILD>INFANT 28C, 32C, 34C
Most significant mode of heat loss/gain in neonates/infants RADIATION
ways to minimize radiant heat loss Warm up room/use radiant heat lamps
Delay wound healing/increased wound infection, affects clotting cascade, decreased drug metabolism EFX of HYPOTHERMIA
Regional anesthesia INCREASES or DECREASES hypothermia INCREASES (inhibits vasoconstriction and shivering)
what monitor should be used in all PEDS cases TEMPERATURE (esp REGIONAL)

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