Practicum III Peds Abd

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NPOvsFull Stomach, Fluid Req, Sepsis, Inc Abd pressure, Blood req… BASIC considerations for ABD sx
What type of narcotic technique is used for NEC case HIGH narcotic technique
Anesthesia plan for NEC case Full stomach, KETAMINE over Prop, CVP/CL, TIVA/High Narcs, No N2O, Albumin, Monitor BL closely, Paralytics, Prolly NO extubation
Stop TPN or continue infusion? CONTINUE
Monitors needed for ABD case 22g or> IV, CL, EKG, Pulse Ox, BP, Temp, Foley (+/- ALINE)
Airway mgmt for abd case Tube w/o leak below 20 cm, Cricoid Pressure (full stomach precautions
Priorities intraop for ABD case? NORMOvolemia, NORMOthermic, ADEQUATE ventilation
CVP range & normovolemia interventions for ABD surgey 8-10/ Inotropes (dopamine gtt)

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