Practicum III Eyes/Plastics

Question Answer
conditions related to MR/Down Syndrome Congenital heart dz, subluxation of cervical spine
conditions related to ALPORT syndrome oculorenal syndrome, renal failure
Normal IOP 12-15 mmHg
Things to reduce OCR topical LIDO/Retrobulbar block
Tx from brady caused by OCR stop stimulation, Glycopyrrolate, atropine
Alpha/Beta antagonist OPHTHALMIC drugs Dapiprazole (alpha) & Timolol (beta)
what cardiac dysfunction is assoc. with SYNDACTYLY prolonged QT (cards consult)
What airway complication/precautions are seen in Craniosynostosis Difficult airway (FOB)/Airway Edema
End tidal value for CRANIOSYNOSTOSIS 30-35 mmHG
Tx to avoid VAE in CRANIOSYNOSTOSIS avoid reverse trendelenburg, use little PEEP, maintain normovolemia
preferred type of tube foe orthognathic sx nasotracheal
What equipment should be near postop ORTHOGNATHIC sx wire cutters
Rules of TEN for CLEFT LIP closure Hb>10, 10wks old, 10kg
Critical Anesthetic interventions for CLEFT LIP closure SECURE tube/remove throat pack PRIOR to extubation

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