Practice Test 1: Information Technology

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when data has been lost in an EHR, which action is taken to remedy this problem?
data recovery

which of the following is used to support the work of professionals engaged in the design, diagnosis, or evaluation of complex situations requiring special knowledge in a limited area?
expert system

the following descriptors about the data element ADMISSION_DATE are included in a data dictionary: definition: date patient admitted to the hospital; data type: date; field length: 15; required field: yes; default value: none; template: none. For this data element, data integrity would be better assured if:
a template was defined

which of the following would be used to control used access in a EHR?
database management system

which of the following is not an advantage offered by computer-based clinical decision support tools?
automatically transcribe medical reports

which of the following best represents the definition of the term data?
patient’s laboratory value is 50

in designing an input screen for an EHR, which of the following would be best to capture discrete data?
drop-down menus

a software interface is a
program to exchange data

when a hospital uses many different vendors to support its information system needs, the information technology strategy being used is called:
best of breed

before purchasing an EHR system, a clinical office practice should consult which of the following to ensure the system meets HL7 standards for EHR system functionality?
CCHIT (certification commission for health information technology)

a hospital HIM department wants to purchase an electronic system that records the location of health records removed from the filing system and documents the date of their return to the HIM department. which of the following electronic systems would fulfill this purpose?
chart tracking system

which of the following computer architectures would be best for implementing an EHR for a healthcare system that needs to transmit data to its various campuses located across a wide geographic area?
wide area network

an employee accesses PHI on a compute system that does not relate to her job functions. what security mechanism should have been implemented to minimize this security breach?
access controls

which of the following is the traditional manner of planning and implementing an information system?

which of the following is defined as an organized collection of data?

which of the following is NOT true about a primary key in a database table?
dependent on the data in the table

which of the following allows corporations to supply internet services over their LANs?

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