Practical Law Office Management Ch. 1

Licensed professionals when counsel clients regarding their legal rights, represent clients in litigation, and negotiate agreements between clients and others.
Legal Team
A group made up of attorneys, administrators, law clerks, librarians, legal assistants, secretaries, clerks, and other third parties. Each provides a distinct range of services to clients and has a place on the legal team.
Partner or Shareholder
An owner in a private law practice who shares in its profits and losses.
Associate Attorney
Attorney who is a salaried employee of the law firm, does not have an ownership interest in the firm, does not share in the profits, and has no vote regarding management decisions.
Staff Attorney
An attorney hired by a firm with the knowledge and understanding that he or she will never be considered for partnership.
Contract Attorney
An attorney temporarily hired by the law office for a specific job or period. When the job or period is finished, the relationship with the firm is over.
Of Counsel
An attorney affiliated with the firm in some way, such as a retired or semiretired partner.
Legal Assistants
A distinguishable group of persons who assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services. They have knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system and substansive and procedural law that qualifies them to do work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney.
Freelance/Contract Legal Assistant
Works as an independent contractor with supervision by and/or accountability to an attorney; is hired for a specific job or period.
Independent Legal Assistant (Legal Technician)
Provides services to clients in which the law is involved, but is not accountable to a lawyer.
Fair Labor Standards Act
Federal law that sets minimum wage and overtime pay requirements for employees.
The employee is not required to be paid overtime wages (time and a half) over 40 hours per week.
Office Manager
Manager who handles day-to-day operations of the law office, such as accounting, supervision of the clerical support staff, and assisting the managing partner.
Legal Secretaries
Employees who provide assistance and support to other law office staff by preparing documents, composing correspondence, scheduling appointments. and performing other tasks.
General Counsel
The chief for a corporate legal department.
Legal Services Office
A not-for-profit law office that receives grants from the government and private donations to pay for representation of disadvantaged persons who otherwise could not afford legal services.

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