Powers of police Essay

Polo Games limited was ab initio involved in industry and sale of electronic typewriters changed its merchandise line and started developing and fabricating manus held computing machine games and devices. From the scenario of this company it comes out clearly that the company was involved deceitful and counterfeiting patterns and as such it was suspected of holding committed a offense.

The constabulary came to the concern premises one twenty-four hours to seek. apprehension and seize suspected imitative stuffs used in the deceitful activities. Polices have the powers conferred up on them to make the hunt and do apprehensions. Such powers are outlined hereunder:

Police and other authorities governments have been conferred some powers to collar. hunt and even prehend belongings. These powers are available for usage by such governments merely in the given fortunes and conditions. For case the power to seek a individual for anything is allowed when the individual can cover up grounds associating to an offense. or anything which might enable the individual to get away from improper detention. Other ground or conditions is to seek to an extent which is moderately required to acquire the needed grounds ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. 11kbw. co. uk/html/articles/policepowers. hypertext markup language. assessed on April 1. 2008 ) .

Polices have powers conferred to them that enable them to come in and hunt premises. These powers of entry and hunt provinces that: power to come in and seek a premiss in which a suspected individual is concealing ; the power merely applies to the extent that the constabulary adult male has sensible evidences to in believing that there is grounds in the premises. Section 18 of the EPA ( Emergency Provisions Act 1996 ) gives the constabulary power peculiarly the bull who is the rank of inspector to derive entry into premises occupied by a individual under apprehension. The inspector in this instance should hold sufficient belief that there is some grounds in the premises.

When such an officer gets into the premises they are covered by the power conferred to them to prehend any stuffs which are leery or can be used as grounds in tribunal. This power is deemed critical in instances where it is assumed that some hold may take to devastation of grounds by the suspected individual.

Section 17 of the EPA besides mandates the constabulary to come in into premises of suspected people in order to put to death a warrant of apprehension or collar a individual who has committed an arrestable offense. Other grounds for entry and hunt could affect the capturing of a individual who has escaped from the constabulary detention. Such individual could hold had committed a concern related offense. Besides in the context of concern. constabulary enters or coerce their manner into a premiss when there is awaited harm of the belongings or grounds.

There is subdivision 19 of the EPA which mandates the constabulary officers to come in premises and prehend all things obtained through committee of offenses or which act as grounds related to offense. Police besides have power to prehend belongings where there is grounds that it relates to given offense. The footing of this is to forestall the suspect from hiding. losing. changing or destructing the grounds.

Police officers have powers to collar any individual whom they have sufficient grounds or sensible land to surmise as holding committed or is about to perpetrate offense.

To come in concern premises. constabularies usually have to obtain warrant from Justice of Peace. The Justice of Peace merely grants such warrants when to the full convinced that there is sufficient strength of the offense committed. Police seeking such warrants must stipulate grounds for the hunt and the things or points to be looked for.


Police powers of hunt and ictus. available at:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. 11kbw. co. uk/html/articles/policepowers. hypertext markup language. assessed on April 1. 2008

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