Powerpoint of Experimental Design and Analysis

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In which a gas is dispersed or spread throughout a liquid) used in meringues, souffles, and angel food cake to make them light and porous (airy). To prepare egg white foam, egg whites are initially beaten (with a wire wise or electric mixer or hand mixing) until they become frothy. Sugar and tartar cream can be added as a booster in order to get the maximum volume of egg foam.

The temperature of the white influences the volume because surface tension different In room temperature and representational factor that also influences the volume of egg foam is type of beater. We found that these 3 factors will give impact on volume produced. Now, we considered 3 levels of booster, 2 levels of whipping and 2 deferent temperatures that can Influence volume of egg foam produced for baking. 1. 2 Problem Statement White egg that are beaten with different booster, type of whipping at deferent temperature having a different mean volume produced.

Thus we conduct this experiment in order to analyze the best booster, temperature and type of whipping to produce maximum volume of egg foam. Egg foam need to have a great volume and stable to produce a good quality cakes or any foods. 1. 3 Objectives 1 . To identify the factors contributing to volume in egg white foam 2. To identify the methods and booster used in developing egg white foams of optimum volume. Factor of interest We are Interest on type of booster used, different type of whipping and different temperature of white egg.

We used 3 different types of booster water, sugar and acid. While the type of whipping are the hand-mixer and machine mixer. We put white egg t 2 different temperatures; room temperature and refrigerator.

In this experiment, we need half tea spoon of booster, 2 different mixers and 2 different temperatures. Below shows the ingredients needs to conduct each treatment combinations. 2. 3. 1 Ingredients Half tea spoon of sugar and cream tartar Fresh eggs 2. 4 How The Experiment Conducted 1) Separate egg white and yolk 2) Beat the egg white at room temperature with an electric mixer at high speed for 1 minute 45 seconds 3) Place the volume produced in measuring cup 5) Repeat the steps 1-4 using other factors 2. How Randomization Included In Experiment There are three types of booster and two different type of mixer and 2 different of temperature which arranged in a 3 factor factorial in completely randomized design where each replicate of the experiment contains all (3) x (2) x (2) =12 treatment ambitions. In a general, there are 2 replicate. 2. 6 Procedure to Design A CARD Two-Factor Factorial Design The procedure to design a Completely Randomized Design (CARD). Then using random number is shown below.

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