Powder – Story Analysis Essay

Powder is a straightforward narrative about an stripling male child and his male parent on a ski trip. It is a first individual narrative ; written from the boy’s point of position who is besides a cardinal character in this narrative. The parents are separated or divorced ; the male parent has promised to hold the male child back to his female parent in clip for Christmas Eve dinner. But the male parent tarries. make up one’s minding to acquire in a few more tallies. and by the clip they set off. the mountain route they must take is closed and guarded by a province cavalryman.

Finally the cavalryman leaves his station and the male parent decides to put on the line the snow-clad route. In this narrative. everything seems to indicate to disaster. The storyteller ( an older version of the male child ) systematically conveys a sense of concern. at first merely that he will be tardily for Christmas Eve dinner ( which has added importance because the male parent wants to win back the favour of his married woman and is sleep togethering this up ) . but later we fret about their physical wellbeing. The male parent severely warns the male child against such heady behaviour.

Catastrophe looms. Yet the male child. who is so tightly wired that he Numberss his apparels hangers. is eventually able to loosen up. to swear his male parent. to accept his destiny and bask the journey. “If you haven’t driven fresh pulverization. ” he says at the terminal. “you haven’t driven. ” Truly helps to wrap up this short narrative nicely. This narrative captures the two characters as images really good as we are drawn into their lives by the writer ( character as presented by the writer ) . For illustration — “Criminy.

This will hold to be a fast 1. ” Expressed by the male parent give the reader. a sense of urgency and you can visualise this character on the incline with the proper look. Then the line “My male parent in his 48th twelvemonth. rumpled. sort. insolvent of award. flushed with certainty. He was a great driver. ” As expressed by the POV Character sort of brings it all together. The characters were alive from the beginning of this narrative and it was due to the truly good word picture that was done by this writer.

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