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Poverty is an epidemic that has swept the American state many times over. Whether it be softly lingering under the surface. or blatantly gazing us in the face as it is in this current recession. it affects people across America on single. community and national degrees likewise. While there are many causes and effects of poorness. it is of import to see the issue of poorness and its causes from all angles when one seeks to undertake the job. These factors include socio-economic position. mental unwellness. household values and work moralss. to call a few. In this essay. I will be analyzing these factors as they are discussed in the book. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls ( referred to as Glass Castle throughout essay ) . every bit good as in the article Poverty in America from the Congressional Digest. December 2010 ( referred to as Census throughout the essay ) .

When kids are born into poorness. it is the lone life they know. They frequently grow up to either see life from the point of view of. “that’s merely the manner it is. ” or go determined to better their position when they are old plenty to make so. Children don’t frequently realize they live in poorness until they are told by their equals. such as when they are called hapless and see people taking commiseration on them or do merriment of them. They may besides recognize they are different when they are exposed to what other people have and realize that they have much less. As noted in Poverty in America. poorness degree. in itself. is simply based on an income shortage. whereas one’s family receives less money than another ; it besides relates to the criterion of life ( Census. pg. 300 ) . When 1 has less income. less things are afforded. nevertheless populating within those agencies will frequently make or conceal the barrier that is poorness.

While one household may larn to use their resources efficaciously and allow financess where they belong. another will try to do fast money such as through offense or chancing. As in the narrative of the Glass Castle. the male parent spends the money the household has on chancing. sometimes paying off and passing the money on munificent dinners out and dainties ; other times they are deeper in poorness since chancing financess are non the most stable income ( Glass Castle. p. Populating in Las Vegas ) .

Addictions and mental unwellness have impacted the state and led many households into poorness. While non straight discussed in the article. it may be presumed that these issues play a function in maintaining people from keeping occupations. working full clip and derive the accomplishments necessary to happen paid employment. The article cites work experience and less-than-full-time workers as being affected by increased poorness rates. particularly in this recent economic downswing. Additionally. whereas it was normal for a individual female parent to remain place and attention for her kids in the 1950’s when the poorness nose count was foremost started. it is expected now for individual parents to work and better their economic position for the wellbeing of their household. With the costs of day care and life skyrocketing since the 50’s. adult females sometimes seek easier agencies of doing money and still remaining at place. including harlotry and drug covering. Many of these adult females were besides sexually abused and preyed upon because of their economic position and other issues impacting their childhood. which may take to substance maltreatment in adolescence and early maturity.

Sexual maltreatment was a outstanding subject in the Glass Castle. as the parents were really hands-off and flyaway. go forthing the kids exposed to marauders and even victim to household members. While Jeanette’s parents felt that the kids will merely go stronger by confronting adversity. these factors will frequently do self-esteem. injury. depression and anxiousness in kids who grow up into intoxicant and drug abusing grownups ; this may besides get down the poorness rhythm for coevalss to come.

The rhythm of poorness being exacerbated by drug and intoxicant usage is foremost noted in the Glass Castle with penetration into Rex’s imbibing jobs. While he has attempts at periods of soberness. he ever returns to the bottle. It is evident that he has dreams of magnificence. ever stating the kids that they will one twenty-four hours populate in a glass palace. traveling so far as to construct designs. He is a self-proclaimed discoverer and thinks really extremely of his accomplishments and ego. but is invariably losing occupations and brushing the household off to avoid the jurisprudence. While he has the emotional support of his household. he is combating his ain devils of experiencing like a failure. taking him to steal his wife’s money. gamble abundantly and even takes stairss toward selling his ain girl for a speedy vaulting horse ( Glass Castle. pg. king takes to exclude to play pool. win money back ) . He besides seeks the comfort of a cocotte. likely to hold the company of person who makes him experience better about himself ( Glass Castle. pg.

Brian tells Jeanette about reading amusing while Rex/Ginger were in hotel ) . It’s besides interesting to analyze the impact of the sexual maltreatment Rex may hold been exposed to as a kid by his female parent. which could hold been the start to his rhythm of life in a dream-world. utilizing intoxicant and low self-pride ( pg. when they tell Rex Erma tried to molest Brian and inquire if he was abused ) .

Beyond dependence issues. mental wellness jobs were besides a focal point of the Glass Castle. as it appears that Mary was. deep interior. a solid individual with a good household upbringing. an instruction and was likely capable of being a good female parent. Unfortunately. she was an “excitement addict” ( Glass Castle. pg. inherited house in Phoenix ) and even gave up her learning occupation to be an creative person ( Glass Castle. p. Mary returns from Bluefield ) . even though her kids were hungering. She besides followed her hubby through all of these escapades. partaking in all the exhilaration and neglect/abuse of the kids. apparently unmindful to any error. Following the periods of exhilaration dependence. she would hold depressed tempers. remaining in bed and complaining of the load of raising a household and losing out on her opportunity to be an creative person ( Glass Castle. p. when they find diamond ring ) .

It would look to me that. while Mary has her times of seeking to make what’s best for her household. she may be enduring from a mental unwellness. such as bipolar upset. doing picks that are largely selfish to carry through her merriment and exhilaration ; she besides makes really hapless fiscal picks for her household. such as non selling the million-dollar belongings to feed her household ( Glass Castle. pg. Mary wants to borrow money from Eric to purchase next land ) and non utilizing money from work to lodge with a budget so that nutrient and indoor plumbing and coal can be bought ( Glass Castle. pg. Mary is learning and Lori and Jeanette make a budget and inquire to keep money ) . In add-on. mental unwellness is frequently thought to be familial. with some syndromes go throughing through coevalss. While most of the kids in the Walls household finally become successful grownups with apparently normal lives. Maureen adapts some of the features of her parents. finally stoping up populating a eccentric life of trailing cults and acquiring locked up in a province infirmary ( Glass Castle. p. Maureen stabs Mary ) .

Family values play a big function in conveying. and maintaining. people in poorness ;
particularly households. Although there have been separate societal categories throughout history. values and work moralss are two factors that can alter over clip and make a different result of values and moralss. Through the article. the reader learns that recessions have caused disparities at different degrees since the nose count began entering this stuff in 1959 ( Census. p. 298 ) . While each recession has differed somewhat. the length and badness of increased poorness has happened in different extents. taking one to believe that the values/ethics of the clip may be impacting how people handle alterations in their economic state of affairss ; how households handle ongoing poorness over coevalss will besides find the overall success of that household coming out of poorness or staying in it.

The work moralss and values were decidedly confused throughout the Glass Castle. with Rex holding a history of functioning in the Air Force and Mary being educated in instruction and falling back on that from clip to clip. hardly maintaining the metaphoric household caput above H2O. There is besides inquiry about the values that are being taught to the kids ; where one parent proclaims to be a devout Catholic that doesn’t attend church or follow the commandments and another parent despises and puts down the faith. Other household values that the kids are exposed to include shrinkage ( Glass Castle. p. where they steal frocks and acquire caught ) and stealing from the bank ( Glass Castle. p. where pa and ma are stealing money ) . every bit good as stealing tiffins at school and Dumpster diving ; all of this yet Mary garbages to even see authorities assistance when the thought is mentioned. showing herself as better than that. Besides. household traditions that the kids see other people take parting are frequently ruined ( Glass Castle. p. where pa visible radiations tree on fire ) and the household learns to cover with it by merely understanding there is nil they can make.

Hope still remains for those in poorness. We know that. economically. everything that goes up must come down. and when it comes to the economic system. the antonym is likely to happen every bit good. As the Census shows us on p. 298. while poorness degrees have dropped and risen over the past five decennaries. they do restart along with the economic system and each individual in poorness still has a opportunity at altering their state of affairs if they work hard plenty. The get bying accomplishments that people learn when they live a life of poorness to efficaciously populate within their agencies prioritize can do or interrupt the hereafter options they have before them.

As the Walls kids show us. one can alter their hereafter when they put their head to it. The kids lived through so many experiences of agony and disregard. and were ever seeking to assist their parents acquire it together so they could hold a better life. While the kids learned to get by with their parent’s ways. they besides were intelligent and ambitious. and holding been taught to woolgather. they were able to conceive of a better hereafter and a higher criterion of life. While poorness has been an on-going issue. there are many causes and facto s associated with this societal concept. and many ways to get the better of it. In this essay. which combined poorness information from the 2010 Census and the book. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. the effects of mental unwellness. dependence. household values and work moralss on poorness were discussed and examined. The overall decision of this author would be that poorness can be overcome every bit long as persons are willing to assist themselves and their dependants and get the better of the obstructions that they face in order to make a better result.

1. Congressional Digest ( December. 2010 ) . Poverty in America: Census Population Report. Retrieved April 1. 2011 from World Wide Web. congressionaldigestdebates. com. 2. Walls. J. ( 2005 ) The Glass Castle: A Memoir. New York. Simon & A ; Schuster.

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