Potential Benefits of Electronic Gadgets as Learning Aids

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What are the potential benefits of using electronic gadgets as an all for learning Instead of textbooks? The generation we have now seems to be not against the usage of electronic gadgets for learning purposes. It does give us, students, a lot of benefits with updated Information rather than an old thick textbook which In some Instances might already be outdated. Many people argue with this.

They say that the usage of electronic gadgets may hinder the thinking process and the brain development of the children which is really wrong for me. The use of electronic gadgets as their new look. Would give all of us not only the students true and most updated information and lessons which we all have to know and be informed. People must consider the positive effects on the learning capacity of a human which they can see in the books in pad. For hundreds of years, textbook have put a world of knowledge in the hands of students, but the way people learn has changed dramatically.

The traditional textbook has stayed the same. Without thinking that, information changes so quickly that some textbooks are not out of date. As books are passed along from one student to the next, they get more dog-eared, tattered, and worn out. It is no secret that paper textbooks are heavy and pricey but what you may not know is that backpack weight is an increasing problem among kids. Studies show that heavy backpacks can lead to , chronic back pain, and poor posture. Also, many kids are carrying a quarter of their body weight in textbooks.

When you use textbook, pieces of information could be false because it is outdated and non reliable. Sometimes, experts put some changes on textbooks which may take approximately 1 year before the book will be updated. Today’s students have grown up completely immersed in technology, pod, Pad, computer these are the ways they interact with the world, which made them need an pad for the way they learn. Having Pad would be a great Idea. No cutting down trees, no huge textbooks for kids to carry around, and more features you can have to Interact with the textbook.

Also, AD pictures, videos, charts, graphs, and other things of that sort can be animated and Interactive. You can even zoom In and out, adjust the brightness in whatever you like. This can help In giving the students the energy and motivation to study and to do their work/. Users can take notes and highlight text straight Into the textbook without using a highlighter, wasting papers and Inks, Inks that have chemical that may harm children. It also has the most current information and the fastest.

Apple, the creator of pad, offers a lot of school related application for students to use it on their reports, researches, or even their homework. We may never know, on the near future, printing may just be an option in passing school works. With that, we can also save our environment by lessening the to provide interactive learning, potentially save money and get updated material aster to students” it says that pad also help students to learn by interacting, it can also save money and has features that can make one student’s life less complicated.

However, screen glare and are a serious concern for the users of eBooks. A major worry of reading from an pad could hurt the eyes. The display resolution of computer screens and electronic devices is considerably less than the print quality produced by a printing press. Reading from a computer or pod lacks the familiarity and comfort of reading from a book. A book can be opened and flipped through, while an pad is more difficult to navigate.

Here are more problems that you can encounter in using pad as your new textbook: Battery life, Viruses and software bus might become an issue as well as other technological matters, people probably will not come to libraries anymore, and are everywhere especially here in the Philippines. Without any doubt, an pad is really better than the traditional book. Not only because of its convenience but also because it is economically friendly. You don’t have to kill a few trees Just for a book, also considering the ink. Let’s Just say that recycling it goes a long way run.

On the other hand, people born on the until he present time prefer pad, knowing that we live in a generation where almost all things are in the fastest and most comfortable way. Just like having an pad. I do prefer pads for learning, and not Just for entertainment purposes. It may be a little bit obnoxious for the present generation to forcefully learn from the outdated and/or sources they do not prefer. In whatever view you wish to understand, pad is really favorable by most people. I have stated a lot of reasons and advantages which is truly right. With an pad, everything is instantaneous. Everything is at its best.

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