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How did automation change the American workplace after World War II?
It increased the number of white- collar workers and kept production high.

Which sector of the economy was most affected by the changes in the blue-collar workforce after World War II?

After World War II, the U.S. government
hired more workers as it provided more services to people.

Which statement best describes why large companies became conglomerates after World War II?
They wanted to make their companies less vulnerable to economic crises.

White-collar employees of large corporations in the 1950s and 1960s were
expected to conform to certain ways of thought and dress.

Which description best fits the “organization man” of the 1950s?
a worker who puts the company first and fits in with the other workers

How did Mexican immigrants
affect the growth of agriculture in California?
Migrant farm workers from Mexico were a critical source of cheap labor.

Why was the bracero program created during World War II?
The war created a labor shortage all over the United States.

The bracero program began as an agreement between
the U.S. and Mexican governments.

When their contract for farm work was completed, braceros were intended to
return to their families in Mexico.

Why did the United Farm Workers union oppose the bracero program?
It thought farm owners exploited the braceros as a source of cheap labor.

What is one way in which Mexican immigration has affected the population of California?
California has the largest Hispanic population of any state.

Which statement best describes the
economic situation in the United
States right after World War II?
Prices rose, wages dropped, and
workers went on strike.

Which statement best describes
Truman’s general position on labor?
He supported strong unions as
defined by Roosevelt’s New Deal

What is one way Truman used the
military to control strikes?
He threatened to draft striking
workers and then order them as
soldiers to keep working

How did the Taft-Hartley Act
reflect Congress’s response to
Truman’s labor policies?
It showed that Congress strongly
disagreed with Truman’s policies.

How did the economic and labor
situation during the Korean War
compare to the situation during
World War II?
The government did not use the
control over the economy and industry
that it did in World War II.

Which statement best describes the
effect of the Taft-Hartley Act?
It limited union powers and
emphasized workers’ rights not to
join a union

Which president expanded the role
of the federal government in social
welfare programs the most?

The “New Frontier” is
associated with
increased spending on defense and
the space program.

Medicare and Medicaid were
intended to provide
health care for the elderly and the

According to the chart, the period
when defense spending was the
greatest percentage of the U.S.
budget was
during the Cold War.

The California Master Plan of 1960
a state system of public college
education for residents

Presidential power expanded during
the Great Depression because
the economic and social problems
were so severe

President Franklin Roosevelt
increased the power of the
presidency by
involving the government in the
economy through new agencies and

How did the power of the presidency
increase during World War II?
The president expanded the
government’s role in controlling
the economy.

The cartoon refers to Roosevelt’s
attempt to increase his presidential
power by
increasing the number of judges on
the Supreme Court.

The greatest changes in presidential
power during the Cold War involved
use of troops without declaring war.

Which regions are affected the most
by acid rain?
North Central, Northeast, and South

How is air quality affected by the
population pattern in the Northeast?
The dense population results in many
autos and problems with smog.

What is the main cause of soil
pollution in the North Central,
South, and West regions?
fertilizers and pesticides used
in agriculture

The North Central and Northeast
regions are sometimes called the
Rustbelt because
many of their factories and power
plants are aging.

In which region of the United States
is the issue of water pollution and
scarcity the most critical?

Nuclear waste from power plants is
a national issue because
it does not decompose and there is
no national plan for storage.

Which statement best describes
computer technology today?
Computer technology is involved in
nearly every area of our lives.

How has satellite technology
changed television since it began
in the 1950s?
Satellites have brought worldwide
events into American homes.

How have cellular phones changed
the way people communicate?
They allow people to communicate
easily from almost anywhere.

The Internet was first designed
for use by
the military.

Since 1950, life expectancy in
the United States has
increased greatly, by about 20 years.

Which statement best describes
changes in agriculture since
World War II?
Better agricultural distribution leaves
few people hungry in today’s world.

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