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By and large talking, all so far bing societies separate a transitionally age of pubescence capturing in grownup. Here we have in head some separate peculiar biological indexs which are the basis for this procedure. But merely modern society has something distinguish. Society which reestablished extended mechanism of authorities ( “ educational and pedagogic establishments where work and educational accomplishments are being transferred on young person. ” ) ( Ule 1996, 9 )

Post-adolescence individuality position of the young person is a “ new life period ” between classical youth-adolescence and grownup. It appears in the first half of the 20 old ages because of enlarging the figure of immature people who are “ widening their instruction ” . Nowadays our society needs more educated people and besides more clip to recognize their complete integrating in modern specialized establishments and formed sociables functions. ( Ule 1996, 16 )

This period besides represents afresh “ individuality and personal crisis ” which immature people experience after “ first individuality crisis in adolescence ” . They are besides more consciously critical, particularly to bing society and its societal functions. ( Ule 2008, 65 )

American research worker Kenneth Keniston was fist who discussed about this “ new ” construct in the 1960ss. Harmonizing to Keniston, this period occur after successfully released individuality crisis of/in old adolescence. The indispensable issue for immature individual is seeable in constitution between societal and self individuality. He must needfully accomplish this individuality balance for deriving “ the societal blessing and personal unity ” . His model for theory about post-adolescence individuality position of the young person was »empirical research among American pupils in the late sixties« . Time when different »student riots« came up with the words. ( Kenniston citet in Ule 1996, 16-17 )

From the 1960ss onwards different young person civilizations ( subcultures ) and pupil motions all over the universe were enabled that immature people obtained the options for critical thought to bing modern society. Subsequently, particularly in the 1880ss and 1890ss Kenniston`s findings have besides become characteristic for immature people who were non in the survey procedure. In today`s society it could be said that this period has gone through several transmutations like other psycho-social procedures mirrored in our modern consumer society. ( Ule 1996, 17-18 )

It follows from all that are non merely immature people responsible to happen their individuality in constructions of modern society, but is besides the society which is every bit responsible to happen different ways to immature people. ( Ule 1996, 18 )


Post-adolescence has an impact on people ‘s life and besides on the society itself. As mentioned before the chief job is how to organize self-image with societal ordinances and outlook. In post-adolescence people “ get down to recognize what it means to be an grownup and they are going aware of the insecurity and troubles of passage period, they progressively take a hesitating attitude ” ( Hus & A ; eacute ; n 1987 ) . That means developing a reflective consciousness which to boot force persons to get down oppugning themselves. Therefore they react in two possible ways. First of all, societal order can be rejected and individual can go politically extremist. In contrast he can deny his self-image and starts seeking for new one by altering his life style or environment. Nastran Ule ( 2000, 140-148 ) argues that indexs of this would be individuality jobs, irrational and neurotic behaviour, sudden spiritualty etc.

When concentrating on single, desire for long post-adolescent period emerges from the fright of statics, stableness. Care of juvenile universe values is called youth moderatism ; it provides kineticss and societal development. Furthermore this means remaining with parents but emotional emancipation from them. Family is partially substituted with friends. Entrance into labour market and birth of the first kid semen subsequently in life of single ( Sanders, Becker 1994 ) .

Problem for the society itself is deficiency of working power. Post-adolescents are largely included in educational procedure until age of 25. Consequently older people have to work longer and working life is extended which changes a whole construction of labour market.


It is hard to find the terminal of post-adolescent stage because it is a psychological province and depends on single. However if we would seek to find it with Numberss, Kensington ‘s ( Nastran Ule 2000, 141 ) description would be used. As mentioned before post-adolescent phase includes persons in their early mid-twentiess. That means from the age 20 to the age of 24 or 25. It is sometimes disregarded that nowadays this stage is likely even longer sing longer passage from the educational system to working sphere.

Erikson ( Nastran Ule 2000, 130-131 ) claims that post-adolescent stage is merely one of the necessary individuality crisis. The latter is a consequence of inside mental struggles which arise because new societal functions are internalized. Redemption from crisis and the terminal of post-adolescence is achieved if both factors, individualist and societal environment, cooperate.

On the other manus, it is observed that the chief factor demoing maturity is economic independency and competency in public ( Ule, MIheljak 1995, 17 ) . In post-modern universe that means the terminal of educational moratorium. That is the clip of schooling and independency from household, liberty in the domain of ingestion, geographic expedition of gender etc. which leads towards liberty.

To sum up, the terminal of post-adolescence can be achieved with taking over new societal functions as responsible grownups and come ining in fiscal independency.


One of the features of post-adolescents is that they still wish to populate the life of striplings although they are older. It ‘s typical, that they do non wish to turn up and desire to maintain their juvenility for a longer period of clip. ( Ule 1996, 17 ) And since ”the cultural and societal experience of young person is generated by the discordance between the fact that the immature are sing themselves as independent societal existences and the fact, that they are still non come ining the grownup universe ” ( Stankovic and other 1999, 10 ) , and the post-adolescents besides fit in this group, we can reason that this group, merely as the striplings, besides engages in young person subcultures.

Young person subcultures represent one of the facets of being immature presents. First, we must explicate, that specific young person subcultures are a minority phenomenon ( Stankovic and other 1999, 10 ) , most of the young person does non prosecute in subcultures. Membership in subcultures is 1s voluntary determination and no 1 is forced into it. It appears against the chief civilization and is normally determined in a category, political or cultural manner. Dominant civilization sees them as a menace to its manner of life and it does n’t see them normal. The members of the subculture portion the similarity in the subculture itself ( manner of thought, concerts or other assemblages, manner of life… ) , but create the differentiation between the subculture and the remainder of the society ( Stankovic and other 1999, 17-18 ) . They are a truly of import socialisation factor for its members. The softer versions of subcultures are subculture scenes, which are fundamentally a softer, more socially acceptable, popular and accessible version, which are adapted to the dominant civilization and make non opposite it.

Another connexion between post-adolescence and young person subcultures is, that the first was made possible with the visual aspect of subcultures and different young person civilizations. These brotherhoods of young person with different positions on the universe enabled the immature to knock the traditional outlooks of the society sing their entryway in their maturity. ( Ule 1996, 18 ) . The striplings and post-adolescents started to see the society in a critical manner and refused to ”grow up ” the manner the society planned them to.


All societies, even the most simple 1s, know a period in life when a individual becomes an grownup. However, they are different in specific societies.

The base for a individual to go an grownup is the psychophysical procedure of growing-up. In antediluvian societies one became an grownup with the terminal of his or her pubescence. They marked this period with an induction ceremonial, which brought more rights and duties. A period of young person was hence about non-existing. A child fundamentally became an grownup during the induction ceremonial and was unable to return to his of her position of a kid. The perceptual experience of a particular period in one ‘s life that locates between the childhood and maturity, known as young person, does non happen before modern times. Merely so, youthfulness gets a particular significance, it causes the maturity to travel to subsequently in life and offers clip for experimenting with the societal universe and yourself. Youthfulness becomes a period in one ‘s life when a immature individual is no longer a kid, but is non yet acknowledged as an grownup. ( Ule 2008, 48-49 )

It must be highlighted, that this transmutations to understanding juvenility as a particular and legit period in 1s life, did non happen in every society in this universe. However, it became a logical and apprehensible portion in the class of one ‘s life in most states.

And merely as juvenility and adolescence is non present or acknowledged in every society, neither is post-adolescence.

We found out that the job of post-adolescence is really popular subject of discourse presents. Public address owns the guilt for legalizing these subjects in the society. The media besides fit in this infinite and with sole speaking and stressing merely certain facets of the post-adolescence are being talked about. Through these channels the media excuses even the province ‘s intercessions in the school system, possibilities of employment, subsistence of trim clip and other life ‘s state of affairss. That is why the immature were brought to the point where they do non experience like reacting to these jobs. Alternatively, young person became to be more nescient, started to sarcasms public jobs and adopted many other signifiers of rejection. On the other manus, the public expects them, to place themselves with the public image they have created for this specific group of society. This is one more job that is being discussed and the post-adolescents seem to be the most attacked group since they should already be believing like grownups but in the sense of society this is what they are non rather yet.

The immature force populace to speak about their jobs because they protest with pasivization, which is rejected by those who are the Godheads of the discourse. This is so a measure in the incorrect way because that is how they create an opposite consequence.

Another particular group that deals with the job of post- are the scientists who emphasize this subject because of the invariably altering definitions on who fits in this group. At the minute we are populating in a modern society who started to joint more the life-line of an person to specify the sector he is in at the minute. Almost all of the pre-modern societies knew the anthropological entryway to the maturity, which was set up by biological maturitation.

»This period has ever been a period of proving and induction. Although merely after the modern industrial society introduced particular educational establishments which were controlled by the province and who performed the transportation of cognition and working accomplishments, these were brought to younger coevalss of adolescents.« ( Ule, 1996:9 )

The description of »Who are the immature? « was really invented when the industrial consumer society spread. New establishments started to look, which defined adolescency and post-adolescency as a stage that truly exists between the childhood and maturity. The childhood and adolescency still have something in common. They are both periods of life who define kid ‘s non-maturity that is based on socio-economic dependance of parents ( Ule ; 1996:11 ) . The difference betwee these two groups is that stripling can reject this independency and the kid can non. The biggest job which appears here is that people have to sort their definition themselves and so the adolescency can be extended to mid-twenties.These jobs begun to demo up with the consumer society because it gave the people bigger freedom of make up one’s minding on their ain life style.

»What might look as a sweeping motion towards the egotistic cultivation of bodily visual aspect is in fact an look of a concern lying much deeper actively to ‘construct ‘ and command the organic structure. Here there is an built-in connexion between the bodily developement and lifestyles.« ( Giddens ; 1991:7 )

Harmonizing to Giddens this accordingly caused the replacing of shame with self-love of today. This is conected to the planetary betterments in the medical specialty and genetic sciences which caused that the organic structure is going a phenomenon of options and new possibilities, which are besides the new establishments who were brought up in modern epoch and were discussed before.Therefore, the post-adolescency is really one of the life styles of our ain pick, that was brought up by the consumer society who besides created the moral discourse on this same subject.

When we talk about post-adolescent phase sooner or later we come to the inquiry: Is it possible to avoid this phase, or if wename itdifferently, a period of life.

This is a debatable topic- but why? We assume that is, because it suppose to be a stage of passage. But when we look closely, every stage is like that and leads us to another life period.

Personally I think it depends on the civilization. As we could already heard before, in some civilizations the conveyance from kid to an grownup is simple and can be shown clearly. In western civilizations it is much more complicated. But we already know about all that.

Whenwe were speaking to the people it truly surprisedus that most of them say, that the life they are populating is wholly their pick and that the society has nil to make with it. That shows us, that post-adolescence and it ‘s manner of life in the head of the people is still a personal and persons job.

It is alsoreally interesting that most of the immature people in college do n’t believe that after university there is a topographic point in offered picks of societal functions ( Ule, 2000, 141-142 ) . Probably we should look for solutions in that way.

At first, we could state that in this faze, there are people who are still in procedure of instruction. But in last old ages there are more and more people, who are non in the educational procedure any more. When we talk about people with regular occupations and similar, post-adolescence is likely evitable. Besides unexpected events in life can stop this period for single and for people near to this post-adolescent. The illustration is decidedly unplanned gestation. That is a state of affairs, when a individual surely has to turn up.

But when we talk about mean pupil, the stage is about ineluctable in out society and in life we are populating. It becomes debatable, when people use it as an alibi for irresponsible behaviour, or do n’t cognize how to go an grownup.

There decidedly are options to this job. Particularly every state could make a batch for immature people. An of import measure in turning up is traveling off from parents. Therefore cheaper flats are necessary. There already are those, but non plenty of them. They should besides be promoting companies to engage immature people. About this, besides colleges should link with the hereafter possible employers. If pupils would cognize during the college, that there is a paid occupation after university and a topographic point for them in the universe of societal universe, they would experience more comfy and unafraid with traveling on.

And there is one more thing- general belief among most of the pupils is, that while you are a pupil, youfeel free and after that, when you get a occupation and household of your ain, your life merely stops-becomes drilling and predictable, and no affair how hard they try, they will still be merely wheels in the system. But if we want to alter something so deep in the head of the people, this instruction should get down with kids and continue promoting through all life of the person.

We particularly must non bury, after all how of import are the immature station striplings, who are likely most critical portion of our society. And during history it is clearly shown that pupils ever played an of import function in doing alterations in the society.

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