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With many new online retailers, internet has increase the pressure on traditional 5 forces of Porter. It has also increased efficiency and is forcing retail stores to sell their products cheaper. For example, Blockbuster stores were forced to close down because It was not able to cut cost Ilke I-Tunes website. Many traditional companies have also embrace Internet and are also provldlng online delivery services. However, regardless of its importance, Internet has not change the key success factor of the company, it is their product.

For example London Drugs have an nline website to display its products but their main success is their low price and quality of its product. Nonetheless internet increases the business value of the firm. An example of how business could increase its value is by providing potential investors the annual report online to let them examine and, hopefully, invest in the company’s stocks. Also, internet has help businesses in their daily operations and has increase mobility and communication among its stakeholders.

For example, many suppliers check their retail outlets if the quantities of the products are at descend evel and It may replenish by tracking It online through software, without contacting the management to order, Thus It Is concluded Internet has Increase efficiency, communication and Is effective. Internet has a profound Impact on how business Is done and has modified Protees five forces. Firstly, the buyer force has significantly increased since they have the power to choose from a variety of products.

Internet has increase buyer awareness and, with knowledge, they would choose the best product. Also the suppliers are many when compare to consumers, thus this mean hat the company that would provide the best value product would win the market. For example, the market for headphones is huge with atleast 15 different manufacturers in Just one retail outlet, emphasize fierce competition and to attract new buyers. In conclusion internet has increased buyer power, which means supplier power decrease.

Suppliers are continually been pressure to manufacture the most value product and some used the strategy of low price, dfferent niche, quality, and price to performance. Internet has force suppliers to cut cost, but on positive side they have Increase their scope to global. With Internet, supplier could achieve economies of scale by supplying globally, which would reduce cost significantly. This company tries to out-compete the other. The company tries to produce the value product by following different strategies.

For example Asus produces cheap and descend performing laptop whereas Toshiba produce medium range price and quality laptop. Substitutes are finding it easier to enter into the market. For almost any product there is a substitute, which satisfies the need at a cheaper cost. For example, Apple I-pad creation led to many substitutes of tablet those were ignificantly cheaper and would satisfy the need. Entrant’s power has decrease as their barrier to entry is stalled existing industry players.

Entrants face high fixed cost, competes establish brand name and since they produce less, than establish competitor, their cost are higher. However, Entrants could employ a niche or quality product strategy to offset their high selling price. Intermediation is a necessary and cheap alternative for manufacturer to outsource. Many manufacturer website uses Paypal and mailing companies, DHL, because they are mass service provider and thus efficient. Manufacturer should instead focus on what they do best than to be self- sufficient.

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