Popular and the Traditional Culture

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The tradition to respect and observe the beliefs of a certain culture are instilled in us through the parental institution and parenting method. The dynamics that are connected to the belief that there is life after death is emotionally logical. Not many societies would deny that there are cases of ghosts in their history. Each society has a different understanding and explanation for the role of a cultural belief. The Chinese people have learnt to respect the dead no matter the perception and interpretation by other communities. The dead cannot be seen live to live, for they live as spirits in the next world. However, the Chinese communicate with the dead in their prayers. To some extent, the Chinese believe the dead spirit is in a close relation with the Supreme Being or the underworld kings. For that reason, the dead are feared and respected. Moreover, it is morally healthy to pay and show last respects to the people that matter in one’s life. Respect for the dead has rarely run into conflict with other Chinese beliefs, as this cultural belief is widely accepted. This is due to the good deeds that are achieved by paying respects to the dead.

Popular culture comprises the combination of different approaches to ideas and perspectives. The popular culture system is deemed preferred for a casual harmony within the conventional structure of a given culture. Popular culturein most cases is achieved through the immoral methods and is thus widely opposed. The traditional culture, on the other hand, is set on the highly structured and conventional methods. Traditional culture is widely accepted. Popular culture is mostly associated with the rich and the lazy.

There has been a growing concern of the birth of a popular culture of the rich paying out martial arts specialists or assassins to kill on their behalf. The assassins can also be paid to take revenge on behalf of certain individuals. This does not settle the score for the aimed purpose of traditional beliefs. Paid assassins may tend to do more harm than expected. Such popular culture ways may create loopholes for criminals to pay for the revenge missions that are not real. Criminals may use popular culture to exploit those who have wronged them without giving them a chance to apologize.

In the traditional setting, before one took revenge, they made sure that the culprit was given a chance to apologize or change. However, this is not the case with popular culture. People are maimed and killed without even a chance for explanation. Popular culture is driven by greed and laziness. Not many of those people that follow popular culture are true about achieving revenge for their wronged ones. Members of popular culture are driven by self-interest, rather than grief over the loss of their loved ones. Approach to popular culture is driven by a rumor that is mostly false and irrelevant.

Popular culture is driven by greed and dislike for people. There are several cases of reported murders by serial killers in China. The serial killer’s main agenda is to revenge for something they dislike. Their activities end up hurting even the innocent. A good example of this was seen in between the year 2001 and 2003, where a serial killer kidnapped, tormented, and killed 17 boys. The serial killer then buried the boy’s bodies under his house in Henan Province, in Central China. Most of the serial killer’s victims were internet users at different internet cafes. The serial killer’s motive to kill was a result of his hatred for the internet, especially the little boys using it.

Despite the various cultural beliefs in the world, we must learn to live and accommodate with each other. Our cultural beliefs should reflect something constructive and not harmful. The Chinese traditional culture has used the killing for revenge belief wisely. Killing for revenge as a cultural belief is only used for crimes that have gone unpunished. However, if a crime is punished accordingly, the Chinese belief is that there is no need to carry on a revenge mission. This has not been the case with the emerging popular culture, where everyone has a way to dictate if a crime is punished.

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