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Introduction The pervasiveness of Popular Culture is undeniable. The widespread of its influences, the symbolic reference the human psyche makes and associates itself with popular culture, the trends and fads that encapsulates and drives consumerism becomes the reason why popular culture is- popular. Essentially, it provides the ideal catharsis, for human emotions to be well exploited.

As such, popular culture has progressively been shaped by human desires; a development of niche tampered and propelled further by the mass media. This is a far cry from “mass culture. More importantly, the consumption of popular culture and the methodologies behind it, sheds light onto the macro level of society but more so, on the personal level of the individual. The concept of Individuality The individual stands for a plethora of values and attachments that intrinsically makes one a distinctive human being against others. What constitutes individuality is the amalgamation of these values and how it stands comparable in the eyes of society. As such, individuality stands for progression; a development of the human mind, body and soul.

After all, we are our own sovereign. The Hypordemic Syringe Model The audience is the front runner of pop culture mainly because it is the main consumer. They ideally become a point of influence for its production and reproduction. As such, the differential aspects and appeal of pop culture, lies wherein the vein of what is popular amongst people; what “sells” and what does not.

Popular culture becomes a classic over time, carrying with it nostalgia but more importantly it is a mechanism that helps express what is considered as profane and sacred.The audience of such spectacle better known as consumers are assumed to be passive. The passive consumer mimics the “hypordemic syringe model” whereby the content and intended message of popular culture is accepted wholeheartedly without any interpretations of his own. The notion of entertainment for its own sake does illustrate this, whereby the receptive nature of the human psyche becomes entirely absorbent to the text. Subsequently this theory also sheds light into the power of influence of the media and how it manipulates the intended message and “injects” influence with exactness.

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