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Since creative activity, harmonizing to bible, God created adult male and adult female every bit good as animate beings which were both male and female. In such a state of affairss where there exists animate beings of different sex, it allows the reproduction and stableness of one coevals after another coevals. Human existences are known societal existences, and in most instances need one another to last, therefore it ‘s hard to entirely depend on themselves. To bring forth offspring, they normally marry and have kids which in bend, becomes the criterion of creative activity for the human population. Even though we all portion the similarity of being human existences, there still exists differences in what we believe in and the values that we attach to assorted things. One of these things, is the subject of matrimony, which by definition, is a reunion of a adult male and a adult female to come together and populate together as a hubby and married woman. Due to the diverse objectives that people have in matrimony, some people consider that holding one married woman ( monogamy ) is the ideal method, whereas others believe in holding a figure of married womans ( polygamy ) ( Family,2009 ) . This paper seeks to hold an in-depth expression at the two issues ; polygamy and monogamousness by looking at what the advocates of each thinks about it every bit good as expression at states that have practiced them. It will besides look at pros and cons of each as good, and why people should esteem one another despite which side they take. Last but non least, the paper will analyse the cultural beliefs of the two groups and dig deeper on why they hold on their beliefs and grounds they give to back up their base.

Monogamy, is one of the most widely used signifier of matrimony and its protagonists believe in one man/woman to one wife/husband. Monogamy is derived from the Grecian word glandular fever, which means entirely, and gamos, intending re-union or matrimony. It is believed that the bulk of the human race pattern monogamousness as opposed to polygamy. One benefit considered of monogamousness, is that it increases the opportunities of offspring endurance because the parents collaborate together and raise the kid ( Edward,1928 ) . This perceptual experience does look to be altering with clip due to complexnesss of fast paced, modern life though. In the yesteryear, it was common for work forces to travel to work while the adult female was supposed to keep the house hold responsibilities, which besides included raising the kids. The modern universe has changed this though, and now there is no distinguishable functions between work forces and adult females. Equally now, both must work hard to get by and cover with the challenges of modern life. Monogamy can be categorized and broken into four groups: societal monogamousness, sexual monogamousness, matrimonial monogamousness and familial monogamousness. There exists little differences between these groups and that is why this paper all treatment will be centered on the adult male and adult female position of monogamousness. Many communities have in the yesteryear and are presently now practising monogamousness. Monogamy is every bit old as Adam and Eve, for during creative activity, God created one adult female and one adult male. It is anticipated by some people that Christianity has a connexion with the beginning of monogamousness ( Edward,1928 ) . Europe merely happens to be one of the states where Christianity took its toll and spread quickly. Before Christianity, Europe practiced polygamy. The Roman civilization believed in monogamousness to such an extent that those who failed to detect the regulations, faced desperate effects. Due to the terrible punishments, some people even went to the extent of killing their married womans so that they could hold an chance of get marrieding another one. Cesar is an illustration of one who banished and killed his married woman in order to acquire the chance of get marrieding another one ( William, u.d. ) . This indicates how strong their civilization Torahs were and how people urgently tried to stay by them. The great vanquisher Napoleon, was besides forced to disassociate his first married woman so that he could get married another one order to deliver a boy. This shows how deep rooted these civilizations were by traveling to the extent of doing a Torahs which were to be observed by all of the population. These civilizations chief ends were doing certain the opportunities of immorality were reduced, every bit good as assisting twosomes remain committed to each other. It is apparent that no affair how rigorous a state was, monogamy is difficult to continue as it can be seen in Rome, where although matrimony was monogamous, the sexual relationship did non follow the same, and coupling was polygamous ( Eshleman, 1994 ) . Peoples abided by the regulations, and most cultural beliefs were upheld and embraced by the community. One downside to these beliefs, was deficiency in credence by all of its citizens and some accepted it merely because they lacked any options. The communities that practiced monogamy stood a better opportunity of holding households that worked together towards a common end like raising kids, giving them parental love and attending which are really important to the development kid. As opposed to polygamous household, where most of the clip the hubby can non afford to be with all married womans and his kids at the same clip. A polygamous male parent rather merely, can non afford it. The kids from these households are non likely in most instances to to the full bask the parental love of both parents like those from monogamous household. In the Roman Empire, the effects of bigamy were terrible as decease. This means that the citizens had no other option but to stay by them. The Empire saw it as a manner to cut down the Numberss of unwanted kids, lower the degrees of immorality, and lessen the sum of individual female parents ensuing from divorce, due to unfavourable conditions that arise with polygamy. Even though this civilization was imitated, it still has its failing because most it ‘s first people had kids outside matrimony every bit good as courtesans on the side. It showed neglect for human rights, because some adult females were divorced or murdered so that the work forces could acquire the chance to get married another 1. The civilization besides lacked proportion fiting particularly in comparing to modern yearss since the male to female ratio does non calculate. This means that a great figure of adult females would turn out to be individual since their population is so high. In bend, the adult females who birth kids out of matrimony, will raise kids that are non able to have parental love from the male parent. Those kids so do non hold much pick but to tilt on what they see their female parent making, and in some instances, the traits they get, might non be ideal 1s.

Polygamy is derived from the Greek word, which means the pattern of holding many adult females. This pattern is really old and was practiced in many states throughout the universe. The pattern is prevailing in many African states, where 1s wealth is calculated in footings of how many kids one has. They believe that when one individual is in place to feed many oral cavities, that it translates to that one individual holding adequate wealth since hapless people could non afford to feed legion kids. Other states have different grounds to why they allowed its citizens to pattern polygamy. This treatment will concentrate on one of the African states, Kenya, where presently, some of its communities still do pattern polygamy ( volume 10, 1967 ) .

Before colonisation, people used to hold their ain criterions of life every bit good as philosophies and Torahs that they had to stay by. Kenya happens to hold more than 42 folks where each folk has its ain beliefs and civilization to follow. Most of these folks, acknowledge polygamy and it is suggested by Ngugi ( 2006 ) that adult females one time they perceive that they are making old age, could propose that their hubby marry another younger adult female who to assist him with house clasp chores every bit good as matrimonial demands. To many Kenyans, they believed polygamy to be indispensable in doing it possible for the continuance of a coevals. This was a clip when kids used to decease in big Numberss at highly stamp ages, due to diseases like rubeolas, infantile paralysis amongst others. It was so considered vital for a adult male to get married many adult females and reproduce many kids so that even if a bulk of them were deceasing, the hopes and opportunities that a few of them would last was increased. The Kenyan civilization accepted polygamy and even adult females themselves did non experience cheated nor did they object to it. A good illustration is the Luo community in Kenya in presently, polygamy is still practiced. Wife heritage which is besides a portion of polygamy is being practiced as good ( Ngugi, 2008 ) ) .

Harmonizing to their civilization, this wont is encouraged to deter the opportunities of the widowed adult female from traveling out to look for other work forces, and alternatively be inherited by one of the brothers of her asleep hubby. Another ground that is supported by those who pattern polygamy, is to convey about a balance between work forces and adult females. Since the adult females ‘s Numberss are many, it is believed by the work forces practising it, that more adult females in bend will be able to acquire hubbies. The African civilization means good in practising polygamy, and has good purposes in making so. These adult females and communities as a whole, believe it better to hold a co-wife and get rid of the demand for their work forces to hold hidden dealingss with other adult females outside the matrimony. Therefore there was no more secret concern, and work forces could inform their married womans of their purpose to get married another adult female as they deemed right ( Ngugi,2008 ) . Recently though there has been a diminution in the pattern of polygamy, ensuing from many people encompassing Christianity in Kenya. Many are now staying by philosophies of the church and because of this immorality and promiscuousness is on the rise. Research has shown that both married adult females and work forces are holding other relationships outside their matrimonies, lending to a high HIV infection rate in these groups. Polygamy is associated with such benefits as the nonpartisanship in the distribution of wealth. This is because polygamy in most instances is practiced by work forces who are financially stable. By them get marrieding many adult females, there will be a steady flow of hard currency, either through gift or even merely by simply back uping the adult females that he marries ( William,2009 ) . Immorality and promiscuousness rates besides decline along with sexually transmitted diseases, for the simple fact that a adult male will be content with adult females he has. There are besides more ethical motives imposed in such a society, and alternatively of adult females ensuing to utilizing devices such as sex toys to carry through their demands, they stand a much better opportunity of acquiring work forces who will fulfill their demands sexually alternatively. Human existences are emotional and necessitate a channel or agencies of fulfilling those feelings. When that chance is non presented, they can ensue to other nontraditional agencies to fulfill their emotions. Polygamy besides has its defects which can change depending on how it is practiced. When it occurs with persons who are non economically stable, kids might endure and miss basic demands due to the figure of kids the adult male will be supplying for. It besides neglects the kids of paternal love since they can non hold their male parent on day-to-day footing. It can besides do adult females experience non to the full appreciated and inquire why their adult male would be looking at other adult females. In the current times, it can take to distrust, and increasing the hazard of undertaking sexually transmitted diseases ( Mirriam, 2006 ) .

In looking at both polygamy and monogamousnesss, each one of them seems to hold its advantages and disadvantages. Keeping in head that worlds are societal existences who like to interact with each other, people should larn to appreciate other peoples civilizations since we can comprehend things otherwise and what some may see as right, may be considered as really incorrect in another state. Even though this has ever been a controversial subject as to what people recognize as its pertaining issues, but it is truly clip for people to appreciate the difference that exists between people and the lone manner to work out this is by larning about the positive things from the given cultural community and ignore what could be perceived to be of less importance ( Jenks, 2006 ) . Communities can non be on their ain and they require a coaction with others to co-exist peacefully. It is of import to non merely recognize but appreciate that there are disparities between these two types of matrimonies and the kids brought out of each of them exhibit the differences in the values that they learned from their parents. Research done has indicated that kids from polygamous household might hold more negative attitudes towards their measure siblings and are frequently missing in echt love towards each other. In utmost instances, they sometimes lift against one another and even do bodily injury to one another. Often missing in fatherlike love, they by and large seem to comprehend their male parent in a negative visible radiation every bit good. All that holding been said, people will go on acting otherwise and that is why Torahs play a critical function guaranting that people abide by them and run within those boundaries. Through societal interaction, people get to detect other peoples different ways of life and their abilities to interact with each other.


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