Polyatomic Ions

acetate ion
C2H3O2 -1
bromate ion
BrO3 -1
carbonate ion
CO3 -2
chlorate ion
ClO3 –
chlorite ion
ClO2 -1
chromate ion
CrO4 -2
cyanide ion
CN -1
dichromate ion
Cr2O7 -2
dihydrogen phosphate ion
H2PO4 –
hydrogen carbonate/ bicarbonate ion
HCO3 -1
hydrogen oxalate/ bioxalate ion
HC204 -1
hydrogen sulfate/ bisulfate ion
HSO4 -1
hydrogen sulfite/ bisulfite ion
HSO3 -1
hydroxide ion
OH -1
hypochlorite ion
ClO -1
iodate ion
IO3 -1
monohydrogen phosphate ion
HPO4 -2
nitrate ion
NO3 -1
nitrite ion
NO2 -1
oxalate ion
C2O4 -2
oxide ion
O2 -1
perchlorate ion
ClO4 -1
periodate ion
permanganate ion
MnO4 -1
peroxide ion
O2 -2
phosphate ion
PO4 -3
sulfate ion
SO4 -2
sulfite ion
SO3 -2
thiocyanate ion
SCN -1
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